The Dark Days – The Betrayal


The Dark Days – The Betrayal

The Petulant Prince in his Palace of Malice, where they’re all as mad as hatters
The Donald sits on his throne, working at his powers. Early on_ Trump and Co
Were likened to circus clowns once they came into office the clowns quickly
Wiped off their makeup and went rogue after ripping off their clown
Suits revealing their cunning nature and alarming schemes
For America and Americans
The last laugh was reserved for America and Americans
Everyday it’s absolute madness at the Palace of Malice where the Petulant Prince
Resides: The place where they’re all a bit mad: Bannon has his penchant for
Fascism: and The Donald with his tyrannical nature. Banning refugees,
Banning criticism of his plans: It’s plain to see that Spicer’s beginning to
Show signs of being under duress, while Kellyanne is; simply
Being true to her shrewish self; spinning yarns as fast as she
Can. Yes it’s quite clear to one and all, they’re
All as mad as hatters
Donnie’s believes that if he shouts long enough people will take heed
Of his temper; and Pence and Ryan lurk and smirk.
In that hot bed of insanity it would be ridiculously crazy to allow
Unexpected visitors within the White House walls, and no
Child should ever roam those halls alone!
Inside the Petulant Palace… even a little spark of kindness, a modicum
Of compassion; a tiny little flutter of generosity would really work
Wonders. But workers face the ire of the Petulant Prince;
‘Women are to dress like Women,’ though there was no
Mandate given of how the men should dress,
Bannon has yet to wear his fascist armband, but that’s
A story I’ll leave it for another day.
Each day, the press riles his temper but the Prince of Petulance has the
‘Midas Touch; which has earned another title as the Prince of Publicity
Unite to win and divide and Conquer is his best game; when all is said
And done, but perhaps his best title would be: the King of Controversy
There have been zero days the news hasn’t pointed out that the Petulant
Prince’s fiery temper hasn’t caused yet another national embarrassment:
There hasn’t been even a spark of kindness, no mention of compassion;
Or glimmer of generosity which would work wonders: But no! Since
Day one it’s been; this is my house! My rules: my call;
Yes, you can all go to hell! Creating alternative facts is done under my
Rule: It’s my job to build walls, to stop the world, to shut out terrorist:
So go ahead, defy me, I’ll only devise another way to create more panic
Leaving Bannon in the White House with his White Supremacy ideas
Perhaps will ultimately bring down both the King of Controversy
Along with all of his other Rightly Religious and fascist friends
The prince of petulance holds the key to nuclear power; yes, there’s
More than a small dose of madness in the family that’s settled into the
White House: once considered the hallmark of democracy
Now it’s a dark house; a dead house.
These are the days of the dark; this is a story of betrayal
From Day One, he spread ignorance and negativity; not a day
Goes by that he threatens everyone; no one is safe. No one!
Every day the White House inhabitants appear to look
More like the walking dead; except for Pence and his
Smirk and Bannon with his somewhat cunning smile;
As if he alone knows the real reason why Trump
Is so livid, and why each member of Trumps
Family look like death warmed over.

Earth – A place we call home- Black Life Matters

A commentary regarding  

Slavery – Segregation – Abolition …


Think of the rivers of blood spilled by slave holders who became financial emperors

 White lives and Black lives –
Years of degradation
Privileges and Power
Men with whips

Terror and violence –
Men in chains
Profits and


Black life… Matters


 Think of the cruelties inflicted by distinguishable inhabitants on places on a map.

Slavery – Segregation – Years of degradation – 
Terror and violence –Chains and whips
Stolen Lives  – White lies
 Black life –Matters 

“To be a slave is to be owned by another person. A slave is a human being classed as property and who is forced to work for nothing. An enslaved person is a human being who is made to be a slave. This language is often used instead of the word slave, to refer to the person and their experiences and to avoid the use of dehumanizing language.”-*


It means that every aspect of your life is owned by another person. Your sweat – your tears – your breath is owned and owed. It means that your body- and your skills-talents can be traded – sold like merchandise on a whim or a choice. It means the roof over your head belongs to another; the food you eat is what is given; and the time you rise, eat and sleep are set by another.

 It means that those you make friends with – establish a family with – can be taken away… uprooted without notice.  An educated slave was esteemed, but considered as a threat –

 “Fearing that black literacy would prove a threat to the slave system — which relied on slaves’ dependence on masters — whites in many colonies instituted laws forbidding slaves to learn to read or write and making it a crime for others to teach them.” Sourced: Excerpt from South Carolina Act of 1740 

 A slave was … Branded: Marked permanently with a hot iron as identifiable property; traditionally used on cattle and livestock, as well as on some enslaved people, to show ownership.

Chattel slavery: A form of slavery, introduced by Europeans, in which the slave is treated as a piece of property, belonging to his or her owner, and has no rights; the slave is enslaved for life and his / her children are automatically enslaved too; chattel slaves can also be bought and sold just like cattle (from which the word chattel comes) 

Emancipation: The state of being set free, or granted rights equal to others who already enjoy them; the freeing of slaves from slavery. 

Segregation: Separating people, especially in the use of public facilities, employment, education, and housing; usually with a denial of political rights for the excluded group. – Information source: The Abolition Project.

It doesn’t matter if a slaveholder held one slave or a thousand… or if they were treated well or maltreated – they were still owned – and that person was unable to leave the property without a letter of consent.

The pictures below  tell the story better than words how fervent hate was/is; and how eager many people are to degrade one another….


Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Understanding what I’m saying…

The desire for segregation -discrimination  is alive – alert and stalking us…
this is still a part of our combined American history

Yes… my life matters… your life matters… but the topic of discussion is Black life and Black Life matters… As a White person I have no business equating my white life to the Black life of my friend. Working with him for several years on his family genealogy… I discovered many things…  Black life – matters; and there is so much work to yet to be done…

I feel the need to address and stress this point – Because freedom, liberty and justice is still tied to white power, and very few citizens understand the depth and breadth of our white privilege – our power – our white intolerance and injustice; and because we are gearing for another race war, and this frightens me.  

Is Black Lives Matter a hostile group? Conceivably – I don’t know for sure, yet.  Is it a group I want to form an alliance with? No, but I do share an empathetic understanding of the hostility and the cause of it.

When someone says yes… all lives matter – — in an effort to equate White life experience to Black life experience – only serves to deny the ongoing struggle and appreciation for their own Black identity and survival.


If I am wrong in what I wrote – speak to me about this …
Educate me… Please.



End of The Watch

We are not strangers – We are brothers…

“Remembering that we are all one, we pray today for our sisters and brothers in Dallas. And in every place on earth where there is pain. Where there is hurt. Where there is violence. Where there is hatred. Let our hearts unite together and enfold all people everywhere in prayers of healing and peace.” ~ A Unity Community.

I Hear A Call by Emmy Lou Harris

I Hear A Call –  Click The Link Below


“And what is the wholesome? Abstention from killing living beings is wholesome; abstention from taking what is not given is wholesome… And what is the root of the wholesome? Non-greed is a root of the wholesome; non-hate is a root of the wholesome…”
– Buddha

Orlando -We are not strangers We are all brothers”

one victim

In grief – a Survivor – in  tears…

Anger turned to rage _ He was ‘cool and calm; he had a pulse. But he was already a dead man, walking_ he didn’t know it then; but he had a plan in his head when he left home; he had a gun in his hand, he knew his fate. He knew his hours were numbered, he knew he would never return home.

PULSE: The moment he entered the door whatever calm there was inside was shattered as bullets flew and pandemonium broke out: Anger: rage: danger: People tried to run and hide_ then the sirens began to wail. The insanity against humanity: People died: Why? They were sons and daughters, sisters and brothers: nephews and cousins: –aunts – uncles: co-worker, a colleague; a close friend: Someone’s lover.

for orlando

You are travelers on your way … you are homeward bound.

You are walking in the light … you’ve reached a new destination.

We’re the ones left behind … shedding our tears. 

Somehow_ we’ll find the strength to carry on. 

So many now left alone, bereft because of senseless act of violence carried

out by a bigot, a bully, because of his bias, his prejudice.

Anger: rage: danger: More sirens began to wail: Throughout the night the sirens wailed. Someone’s child died_ Mothers cry; fathers cry and rails: No! Not my child! A brother and sister cry; the sirens continued their wailing. The insanity of humanity expressing itself: Why, why?

Through the night the sirens wailed, ambulances came and went. Hospitals were on alert. The next morning nation’s question_ Why? The angels cry, asking why_ as we express our anger; concern and grief: Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, a lover, a neighbor, and strangers gather grieve and mourn in public and private spaces.

PULSE: There were twenty on the floor: then thirty-forty – forty-nine lives stolen by the thief who eventually joined the forty-nine on the floor. In anger – in calm rage he took many futures from us: Dear God: Why? Like a thief; he robbed families and friends of future celebrations: birthdays, special days; and their chance to graduate; to marry, become a parent_ more.

We’re in early mourning_ keeping a constant vigil: The danger has passed; for now. Though our hearts are heavy, and our heads are low. The flags of many nations are low and we are pausing momentarily before resuming our daily lives.

Deeply mourning we’re now keeping a united vigil_ supporting one another in the only way we know how… with flowers, songs, teddy bears, with hugs: lit candles; pictures of those who died; and remembering each other in our thoughts and prayers.

Orlando_ PULSE: Perhaps a bagpipe will wail_  perhaps a singer will sing of a journey_ homeward bound and our tears will fall anew; our hearts will falter- and skip a beat_ again.  Soon everyone will begin to pick up the pieces of our individual lives_ moving on pushing the thought into the background: will history repeat itself? Dear God: Why?

In the aftermath of such violence – We hear the damming curses of tens of thousands filling the air with their anger… what has changed? Again I hear the angels cry; asking why! We cannot allow irrational judgment to overcloud our common sense and reason. Already we have far too many broken hearts, broken homes, broken dreams and lives. We are each one heart within the heartbeat of humanity. Let us, in our grief, pray for wisdom for understanding: Pray for our humanity.

From – Rea Carey, Executive Director

National  LGBTQ Task Force

“This tragedy has also brought love, compassion and kindness from all corners of the world. I hope all of us can take in that show of support. The best thing we can do is to continue to be strong, to be human in all the emotions that come up for us, and show our resolve through the beauty of who we are in all the ways we identify and show up in the world.

In the face of such ugliness, our resolve to live openly and proudly remains undiminished — and we are undeterred from our work to create a nation where LGBTQ people can live free from the threat of discrimination, persecution and violence. Let’s all take care of each other as we find a path to peace and justice.”

To support the victims and their families,

please go

I know we came here to love each other -here, in the circle of life


Artwork: Mourning – Keeping Vigil Karen Coats

“We are not strangers  –We are all brothers”





Facing Facts


Inspiring the World –

“Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.”

~ John Wesley

Mr Wesley also said that ‘we should be rigorous in judging

ourselves and gracious in judging others.’

 Fact: The LGBT population in US according to one study is 9 million people.

Fact: As a group, Evangelicals remain by far those most opposed to gay marriage in the US.

Fact: Government laws still that have roots in 19th century; prejudices are fueling 21st century hate, and writing discrimination into law moves society backwards. This is an open invitation to hate and intolerance.

Fact: There are still countries that enforce the death penalty for homosexuality as well as hanging, decapitation, stoning, imprisonment, flogging, improper burial; there is no political freedom or human rights.

I just now saw the recently released video that’s slamming what critics are calling the “homofascist monolith.” They are calling for a new “San Francisco earthquake” to shatter it. Well that certainly isn’t Christian. [The San Francisco earthquake and subsequent fire, in 1906, destroyed over 80% of the city and killed over 3,000 people]  We have seen images of ISIS throwing gay men off of roofs, and cliffs; and a California man recently proposed a law to kill gays with ‘bullets to the head.’

These put all anti-gay laws to shame but let’s look at other great shames as well:  In Alabama the KKK is publically siding with the State Attorney General in his vehement opposition to same gender marriage.

As we see there are senseless acts of violence around the world:  LGBT  people are targeted, assaulted and far too often murdered: LGBT Children and teens are taunted by their peers, beaten and bullied, pushed out of school, disowned by their own families, forced into marriage … and, in the worst cases, driven to suicide because of pressures caused by bullies.

Two years ago a friend of mine; a gay man of the cloth was kidnapped by a gang of men and held for three days in an apartment – these men sodomized him repeatedly with a broom handle and a beer bottle to teach him a lesson.

A Lesbian in Africa was gang raped by several young men [to cure her of her being a lesbian] then before they left one of them shoved a toilet bowl brush in her vagina.

This is evil.

“Creating safe and inclusive congregations for people who are LGBT embodies Jesus’ message that we are all one in Christ (Galatians 3:28). Such communities create transformational and, in many cases, life-saving experiences. As we work to better understand the needs of people who are LGBT, the best course of action is often to simply listen with an open mind and heart.

An authentic desire to support the needs of people who are LGBT will help all of us to discern the path ahead; we can build a ministry rooted in unconditional love — if we want to.

“It will take strong leadership from many people to make our communities safer and more inclusive place for ALL people including LGBT – It would be more productive not to dwell on theological arguments that are based in scriptural condemnation of things like same-sex practices; instead our dialogue should focus on the core Christian values; values such as love, compassion, grace, mercy, justice, unity and/or forgiveness.

Caring for Earth

The earth and its people are irreplaceable and both are in our care.golden earth

“Earth, who gives to us this food,

Sun, who makes it ripe and good,

 Dearest Earth, dearest Sun,

We won’t forget what you have done.” 

People are walking in darkness and the Earth Mother is crying out – asking all of us to show more compassion and understanding; it’s time for us to re-gather to share our common wisdom and show respect to the Earth Mother, to its people and cultures.

You and I share this planet, a home that was created for us but the lands are being spoiled by greedy and power hungry men and there is only a minuscule of peace and harmony between nations, and little or no love between family, friends or neighbors.

The Earth Mother carries the burden of eleven billion people; and many hearts are hard and cold.

Around the world laws and legislation’s are being created which limit the liberties and freedoms of many of its citizens; and many people are disillusioned and disheartened because the once sacred teachings of love, respect, courage, honesty, humility, wisdom and truth are being set aside; forgotten or no longer practiced and many of the teachings are being distorted and the Earth Mother herself is being violently ravaged – violated and we must find ways to alter the course of this dreadful path.  We must find the way to re-create the dream and the vision of health wellness that has always been a part of our common history.

In every conceivable way we touch millions of lives, the lives of those near and far for better or worse… this means that we must take personal responsibility for our words and our actions; we can no longer foul the air by saying hurtful things about others and behaving in ways that are harmful to our families, neighbors and the earth.   Our combined voices can bring hope if we stand together and share our common wisdom and show respect to the Earth Mother, to all people, creatures and cultures.

… Dearest Earth, dearest Sun,

We won’t forget what you have done.” 

Each day something beautiful awaits us, so walk softly on the warm earth, take time to see the beauty around you, enjoy the gentle things of life. Walk slowly on the path. Take time to enjoy the space between the stars and the stones; enjoy the night journey of the lady moon and the rising of the sun, enjoy the show of winter, the spring rains; the summer breeze and harvest moon, they are here to relieve our weariness.

The truth… we were called to love

As a Christian, as a person of any spiritual faith it is our responsibility to promote mutual trust, respect and friendship… as a person of faith we should provide the tender warmth of familial love that has been denied to so many — familial love that so many have never known.
My blog today addresses the thread of prejudice and partiality that was recently promoted by the Duggar families and their association with anti-gay Family Research Council.
Spiritual faith should be liberating; everyone should be free to express themselves truthfully and openly with out fear of judgment; and marriage is not a privilege to be parceled out by segment of people, ban- legislation or any religious institution.
For a period of time I faithfully watched the Duggar Family reality program on TLC.  I watched it each week for a long time and admired their ingenuity, their commonsense practicality and thought ‘how cool’ the family was. I saw no violence, saw no indication of racism, sexism, bigotry, bias or prejudice.
I joined other families around the world in grieving with them for their tragic loss.
Now to my sorrow I’ve discovered that their care and compassion is limited. For all their openness they are willing to repeat and report rumors, myths and lies to exclude the liberties, freedoms as well as justice for a segment of society – 211.38 million LGBT People – worldwide.
Words matter … lets leave out words that are detrimental, and ultimately destructive towards others, they weaken the foundation of civilization, not gay marriage.
Today the Duggar family  shows a dark side to their religious faith; we’ve heard the hurtful petty words uttered by Mrs. Duggar who opposed a housing ordinance bill … by using carefully arranged words she helped create an unnecessary and hurtful climate towards Transgender People.
Her statement started false withnesswith the words “shocking news that affect the safety of Northwest Arkansas women and children.” Later in the call she linked the words ‘child’ ‘predator,’ ‘convictions;’ as well as … ‘endanger,’ ‘traumatized’  this supposedly by a man joining them in their private space. It was the arrangement and selection of her words that are offensive since they were specifically arranged to prompt a negative reaction. With this setup she promoted fear; set up a climate ripe for misunderstanding.
How demoralizing: Her words were degrading … they also demonized Transgender People. They also helped to create a lack respect for Lesbians, Gays and Bisexual People as well.
Reality: The ordinance Mrs. Duggar so cruelly opposed addressed the issue of transgender individuals’ right to use the proper restroom. ‘The ordinance allowing transgender people to use the bathroom in which they feel most comfortable and physically safe.’ The author of the bill said; ‘Transgender people — who are far more likely to be the victims of harassment and violence if forced to use a bathroom that is inconsistent with their gender identity or expression — deserve to have the ability to use the bathroom in peace and safety.’
A survey about discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in Arkansas by the Human Rights campaign: Facts
  1. Twenty-five percent of respondents experienced employment discrimination;
  2. 37 percent experienced harassment at work;
  3. 39 percent experienced harassment from family;
  4. and 45 percent experienced harassment at school.

Cruel words add to societal stigma, resulting in creating and promoting prejudice and discrimination that LGBTI People face daily from society at large, and from family members, peers, co-workers and classmates.

Population in Arkansas:

  1. Total Adult Population: 2,238,250 –
  2. LGBT Population: 78,339
  3. LGBT -% of State Population:3.5%
  4. -% of Same-Sex Couples Raising Children:21%
We were called to love but by listening to the words by the Duggar family and their anti-gay associates it appears their care, concern and compassion is totally selective – to be included in their circle of compassion one needs to conform to a strict code of morals and values as per their deeply held religious beliefs. One family member stated I know many gay people. If I’m  his gay friend and see that my gay family and/or friends are being dehumanized, demonized and marginalized by the Duggar family anti-gay associates I would begin to question, begin to wonder; friends support each other; if the family feels compelled to repeat myths and rumors about my family and friends, just  how  well do they know me; how do they really feel about me?
Their anti-gay associates steadfastly believes in inequality
and continuously promotes a frightful anti-gay campaign.
Mr. and Mrs. Duggar and their family members obviously have the right to fight for freedom, liberty and justice;but trying to silence the voices of any segment of society will eventually limit what they should be stoutly defending.
The Duggar family and their homophobic associates will never silence the voices of 211.38 million LGBT People. You can try but it will never happen.
The Duggar family and associates  have a certain amount of wisdom but both lack a certain amount of understanding. As a spiritual leader Mr. Duggars’ voice should be a leader in standing up for justice, his voice should be at the forefront fighting hate and teaching tolerance. Instead hurtful words spoken by members of the Duggar family and their anti-gay associates puts children and families at risk through their hateful/hurtful rhetoric. Their anti-gay associates are relentless in their efforts keep LGBTI People from enjoying the inalienable freedoms, liberties and rights – we are all born free and equal. We are human beings first… we all have a sexuality and a gender attraction.
No one’s faith should ever destroy another’s self worth, esteem by creating a homophobic climate; each of us is wondrously made of spittle and clay; everyone of us created in a moment in a blinding light; love is essential to everyone.
Their words barely skirt the laws of free speech. They are hurtful and offensive but not legally classifiable as hate speech but non-the-less their words are offensiveness and hurtful. It is also a shameful practice now common to many communities of spiritual faiths.
Hateful words spoken by one or a group will break the heart of a child or adult.  
The quickest way to destroy someone as to isolate them: Bullying and forcing others to conform to exacting standards is neither Christian nor kind: We all need to feel welcome, that we are a part of the whole: We should be welcoming the advent of a world in which everyone enjoys freedom of from fear: of harassment, persecution, prosecution, punishment and torment. Yet many people like you don’t want this for all citizens in their neighborhood, communities, cities, and nations.
Everyone should enjoy all economic, social and cultural rights – these are indispensable for our dignity and the free development of our personality. Yet homophobic climates deny these basic rights to millions.

Everyone has the right to live and to live together in peace and harmony; therefore we should never accept any vicious act or actions by a body of people that would outrage the conscience of mankind. Yet we do.

We should never accept bias or bigotry, yet we do:

Everyone has the right to know and be known – to see and be seen – to understand and be understood: Everyone has the right to feel safe; to enjoy peace; to experience serenity and tranquility in their home, their neighborhood and community, yet this is not so.

Everyone is different – yet we are all he same: We should recognize the inherent dignity and promote these equal and inalienable rights to all members of the human family as this is the foundation for freedom, justice and peace in the world. Yet we don’t.

As a Christian it is our duty and responsibility to promote friendship

The standard should promote inclusion and acceptance of LGBTI People.

The standard should promote equality of rights; we should promote respect.

We should provide the tender warmth of familial love that has been denied to so many

— familial love that so many have never known.

Churches play an integral and important role in dispelling the pervasive myth that all people of faith are anti-gay. Churches should be excited to share the message of welcome and exclusivity.

We need to work together to move forward toward the peace we want to see in our lifetime: We need to work together to bring respect and harmony – love to all people; we should never deny, exclude or exploit others.

Love is  essential … it is a family value; LGBTI People have been part of all societies throughout history.

Love isn’t something that anyone needs to be afraid of. If God isn’t afraid of new things… why should we  be?


We have forgotten that we are all connected with each other, that our love for each other is the key to world peace we pray for.  We are not the judge: We are connected to each other through the thread of love, first through our families, then our neighborhoods, then our cities and nation and reaching out to the world as a community of nations called the world.  All the great philosophers, the saints and sages have said those words in some form or another,and spiritually minded people; people of quality and worth do not go out of their way to create myths, spread lies and rumors that destroy lives.

People of quality sow seeds of understanding and teach tolerance as well as encourage, support, provide comfort and strength for everyone – their plans for community are inclusive.

Worldwide LGBTI People lack family support – are involved in family feuds- and face family shunning and there is continual stress; homelessness and violence increases because of hurtful words and extreme rhetoric.
Our legacy should be a legacy of good for others to follow; there is no excuse good enough to justify discrimination, not now, or ever.  Everyone should be gaining better understanding of our human rights and responsibilities and I urge everyone to reject your uncharitable – unchristian words since they exacerbate the issues relating to the homelessness as well as help breakdown a persons mental health. They add to the violence heard around the world, and I think everyone has seen enough of that. I know I have.
May God bless us, one and all,  today, tomorrow _ forever. 
One love one heart one vision one people peace on earth