The Government Was Never Meant to Become The Family Guardian. Period.

Democracy has all but vanished due largely to the bizarre, foolish and reckless directives drafted, endorsed and supported  to meet the preferences and priorities of the ultra conservative biblical priorities of the Republican Leadership.


The President and the Republican party have abandoned their promise of being accountable to the American people to the Constitutional System, Limited Government, Separation of Powers, and the Preservation of the rights of the people which were intended to be preserved; uncompromised for future generations.

Women have the right to vote: Before 1920, few politicians paid any attention to the issues affecting women, but all of that changed when the 19th Amendment was passed. The 19th Amendment guaranteed that women could influence government decisions by voting.

  • That being said: Women are no longer the property of their husband. That being said Women are not the property of the United States Government.
  • Let’s discuss the Republican led endeavors to impose upon or interfere with the Constitution’s fundamental principle of an individual’s liberty and/or privacy. 
  • Something is seriously wrong when Republican held state legislatures are interpreting laws as written by Congress to suit individual privately held religious priorities. 
  • We are not personal chattel – Or State Property if you will; property to be bought, traded, bartered, regulated and sold. 
  • Something is seriously wrong when the language of legislation is deliberately written to intentionally menace,  subdue, discourage restrictive indeed to and punish her. This is a direct threat- this is judgmental. It is demeaning. Legislation like this deems women are chattel. 
  • Something is seriously wrong when women are particularly singled out by Republicans to become targets – subjected to hate campaigns, threats of violence_subjected to punitive-restrictive attempts to criminalize our private and  personal reproductive rights.
  • Religion, Patriarchy and Biology: Patriarch is a title. A male, a ruler- often authoritarian. Often a tyrant – who oversees, denies or grants rights – the choice of a mate, the circumstances of the mating and who shall occupy and govern a woman’s daily life and home, and how youngsters will be raised.

flappers and womanhood

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Everyone Should Be Treated Fairly

My LGBT family and friends

You have the right to experience
unconditional love.

I stand with you as a friend and ally 

I see the goodness in you_ 
I love you_ 
bless you_ 

You are loved, wanted, needed.

You have the right to be seen -
have your voice heard.

You have a place- you have a purpose.
You have the right to feel safe and cared
for in your family home. The places
you shop, study, play_ pray. 

You have the right to speak up,

the right to be seen 
the right to be heard
treated with care

I want you to know this- deep in your heart...

I want you to know  you are cared for.
I want You to know  you are needed.
I want you to know You are wanted.

No one has the right to tell another person how they should feel:
You have the right to express feelings of affection to

your lover, husband, wife

You have the right to health care.

You have the right to marry your sweetheart.
You have the right to safe housing.
You have the right to job security.

You have the right to feel safe and secure on the street,

in a shopping mall; at your work, on the bus…
those places you eat, sleep, play,

We The People are from one and we are many

This book is an excellent resource for
Building Unity In Our Community

We The People, are from one, and we are many. We come from chains oppression and segregation_ diverse in heritage_ color, culture, customs and spiritual traditions yet we deserve to be seen as living breathing entities_not treated as a means to an end to a political agenda and party platform.

Unity in the community is necessary: We must be about building unity in our communities. We must be mobilizing community assets if we are to
restrengthen America. Remember. We are more than color, gender, sex, sexual identity, race, religious creed, dogma, or a bureaucratic statistic. We are one_ we are all sacred -We are all worthy.

The goal of the next president must be raising the level of humanity. The next president must fully understand that current politicians from both parties come firmly attached to enormous hidden sources of wealth, and the older politician will not easily give way – will whine, and throw temper tantrums and do everything within their power to cling to the old political way of getting things done.

All temper-tantrums must be quickly addressed and firmly quashed!

Power is addictive: Since the beginning of time money has bought political votes. Money buys (undeserved) enormous personal power and privilege. Over time, politicians become attached wallet to wallet. Attached to power, privilege, prestige.

If one person in a community is threatened- everyone is threatened: Therefor I want the next president to understand the necessity of meeting the needs of every citizen.

The Heart of America: I want my president to remain committed to forging ahead with discovering new and more effective ways that will bring bear the fruit of positive change to/for America and all Americans. Thus restoring neighborhoods and communities is more than just necessary-it is a vital component to the healing of the heart and soul of America.

Healing the heart America: Strengthen families and revitalize neighborhoods. The first classroom is the home. The first teachers are the parents: Healthy families teach respect for others. When we teach respect we affirm the inherent dignity and worth of every human being. When parents act responsibly children learn that everyone is responsible for their actions.

The next president must be utterly fearless: The new president will carry the burden of knowledge-understanding that ‘we are many… and we are one.’ The next president must have a strong inner wisdom: Understands this nation needs healing.

Uplifting Humanity To The Next Level:
The first order of business for our new president will be
to address the need for a national healing ceremony

The next president be able to demonstrate a wide range of emotions: Must demonstrate love, enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness, positive expectation. Must be optimistic- must have an innate desire to spread hope.

The next President must be one of integrity: A person who can show a modicum of inner joy and self worth. One who has a sense of humor. One who can share the warmth of their heart. Someone who understands the value of personal privacy, as well as understand our individual need for personal autonomy.

Spirituality vs Religious zealous: I prefer the next President have a spiritual background_ a faith that is broad in concept – a faith that has room for many perspectives. An inner faith that connects their human experience with mine.

Voting: It is our duty and responsibility to vote: I prefer that our next President understand that everyone has the right to be seen heard and understood. That everyone has the right to have their voice heard.

Peace: The next president must actively work to make peace a reality: A person who knows and understands the meaning and life and will celebrate that desire with us.

Personal Faith: Our next president must have faith in self, and our nation. And will leave office at the end of term with dignity and honor – assured that America is stronger, healthier – a knowledge the nation is better as a result of their leadership.

Voting: To vote is our duty, and responsibility and Pete Buttigieg has already demonstrated many of the innate leadership abilities necessary to heal America from the trauma and drama created by the current president.
He has my vote.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg with husband, Chasten

Sweet Land of Liberty

Sweet Land of Liberty

America under siege_ two years and more…
We’ve been through many tense moments,
dark days and long nights of anger,
disappointments, fears, tears.

We, The People, have been betrayed,
denounced, erased, reviled. Exposed
to lies, taunts, rants.

Now_ We are ready to march for our lives…
For equality, justice, liberty. Our future_
the children deserve our action,
protection. Now.

The guardians of democracy are determined,
proud, strong. We will rout the unjust
priestly rulers and those fascist tyrants

From Independence Hall the bell of
freedom will ring once again.

Our strength and power drew from the eagle,
the king of the skies. We will set him free_
watch him soar for democracy and
the Re-birthing of America.

Democracy revived: We will remove the confusion,
doubts_ the clouds of suspicion, skepticism,
so that we may once again see the
sky and the stars.

We will rescue Lady Liberty, that mighty
Woman with her torch held high _ Her
light- a worldwide message of welcome
to our shores: to the abandoned, forsaken_

There will be equality before the law
The right to liberty and freedom.
The right to the pursuit of happiness.
The right to live our lives
free of discrimination.

America faces a national crisis: A new era is
about to dawn: We have a new opportunity
to move forward, onward_upward. Our cause
is noble_honorable. We remain a sovereign
nation committed to honoring, retaining
our civil liberties, civil rights_
human rights.

With a greater vision_ From the multitudes
we will revitalize our nation

We Are Unbreakable: With a greater vision
from the multitudes, we will achieve a just,
honorable and durable legacy; united
in brotherhood, equality, equity,
liberty and justice.

Our country_ Our nation united in
brotherhood_ America-  
Sweet land of liberty.

Sweet Land of Liberty- 2019
Rachel Wolff 

It’s winter. You’re a homeless youth living on the street.

Reality: For a gay youth living on the street there will be anxiety, isolation, tears, challenges, confrontations, depression, diseases, hardship, loneliness, poverty, violence. Self harm.  

The Importance of Diversity

Being Gay and Political Bigots

Political bigots call for hateful laws

And legislation denies LGBTQ

Existence and identity

Where are the stewards who stand

For Civil – Equal – Human rights?

Everyone is an immigrant on Earth

Everyone leaves footprints in the

Sand and legacies for the future

Each of us are intangibly


Humanity reminds us to teach

The Golden Rule – But immoral

Religious fanaticism divides

Humanity to keep Gays’

Oppressed – their life

Filled with distress

Prejudice and


No – not everyone enjoys equal

Rights- simple human rights

Are denied by political

Bigots and fanatical

Citizens who spawn

Hate chaos and


By law – in home and community

So many Lives are destroyed

My friends are denied

Justice, kindness

Love, peace, joy

And mercy

Instead they are treated

With intolerance – cruelty

By law: in home – community

Brutality and hate are

Supported – nurtured

Society closes its’

Eyes and ears

In pain our Gay youth

Seek relief in death:

Society Blinks – A child is lost

Mourned; but their

Cause of death


A mother gives birth but the Spiritual

Law and the greater community also

Are responsible for creating a

Healthy-giving living


Every child needs to feel accepted

Safe and secure, they need to be

Encouraged; they need inspiring

People around them to be the

Best they can be; children

Need to be told_ being

Gay is okay.

The Importance of Diversity

Rachel Wolff – 2013

Mr. President: A Title Undeserved Traitor: A Title Well Deserved

Mr. President, a title undeserved

A tyrant at best. A poor leader.
Now The subject of laughter…
You are a racist: A terrible joke
A disloyal American:
A traitor.

You fleeced America_
Americans. You deserve
The experience of life
Inside a prison cell.

For your Crimes Against Humanity
As traitor you deserve
Imprisonment, though it’s
doubtful you will ever
Know a moment in jail,
or a prison.

A Traitor_ a title well deserved

You thought of yourself as Emperor, ruling an empire_
Your Crimes Against Humanity.  Unconstitutional siding
With special interest Groups_ Erasing people_
Denying services, funds. For giving
Honors to wealthy friends _
Supporting A wealthy, feminine,
Patriarch _ and her Horrifying
comments regarding
Applauding taking a knee_

You walked away from a memorial.
Could not find it in your heart to
Honor a prisoner of war_ His
Grieving widow.

Mr. President: A title undeserved

Your friends_ the enemies of
America: Your actions  will be
forever remembered.

Your Disregard for Human Rights:
Extinguished the heart of
Democracy: Liberty.

So many times in so many ways
You devalued America, Americans
With your disrespect for Veterans:
Your Blatant disrespect for
Women: for gassing immigrants_
Threatening sonic sounds.
Which_harm the whales_
So many ways_ too numerous
to count.

Mr. President: A title undeserved

An antediluvian, hoary man, well past his prime
A bitter, cold and calculating, forbidding,man
Always angry, churlish, nasty.

Always grim, sullen,unfriendly.
Decency,honesty, kindness
Courtesy, diplomacy are
Foreign to your

Mr. President: A title undeserved

You’ve never shown one act of
Kindness_ a listening ear, a
Kind word_ An act of kindness
A light in the darkness_An act of kindness
Makes life sweeter, better
One healing touch to calms,
Comforts. Just one act of
Kindness_One simple
Touch: A Lifeline

As Mr. President_ A spark of kindness, a modicum
Of compassion; a tiny little flutter of generosity
Would have worked wonders_ A wreath for a
Veteran_  A smile for a child would have

worked wonders.

A Traitor, Disloyal to America. 
Mr. President_ A title undeserved.
The World sees the darkness in Your soul_
The World Sees Your crimes Against Humanity.
We will never forget …

how you betrayed us
degraded us.

Earlier today the President sent this tweet:

On behalf of @FLOTUS Melania and the entire Trump family, I want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! May this Christmas Season bring peace to your hearts, warmth to your homes, cheer to your spirits and Joy to the world. Tweet posted 3:32 PM – 28 Nov 2018

I cannot believe him. Everything  the administration has done has overthrown our ability to create a better, safer, and healthier environment.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that about 815 million people of the 7.6 billion people in the world, or one in ten, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2016.

(Almost all the hungry people, live in developing countries.)

Securing peaceful and inclusive societies is a necessary condition to that end,” said the heads of five UN agencies in their joint foreword to the report.

migrant caravan

Migrants who have made, or who are making the journey to the United States border in caravans confront increasing threats to their lives, liberty and security, United Nations independent experts said on Wednesday, calling for their full protection.

I think the following was in Trumps heart
As he sent his Christmas tweet….

I take great delight in the fact
I’ve given you trials, misery
And heartaches too. This
May depress your Spirits,
And bring chills to
Your bones.

But we don’t really give a shit
We live a life of luxury

We won’t offer you a place
At our luxurious table.
Or a place of refuge

From the Trump family …
To yours: We don’t
Really give a shit
What happens
To you.

Not even if you bleed, implore,
Or beg. There will not be a
Place here, for you to lay
Your thickheaded heads.

We Won’t offer peace
To your hearts. It won’t
Sway me. I do as I
Will and in my own

I just don’t give a shit…
Just go away.

By Rachel Wolff

What has Trump done? Exploited Hatred and xenophobia: 

“Experience shows that when armed forces are used to perform tasks that they are not trained to do, this usually leads to serious violations of human rights,” they stressed.

“Rather than fueling tensions with hate speech and threats, Governments should work together to tackle inequality – UN experts

Resources used: United Nations News.