Embracing Humanity

We’re all accountable for keeping and making the world safe for ourselves and all others

As M. L. King, Jr. suggests we must not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to think of hating him.

“… Since Auschwitz we know what man is capable of. And since Hiroshima we know what is at stake.” Viktor E. Frankl

Three truths: Life is simple. The world is transparent. The divine shines through it all times.

I believe that as long as people continue to threaten others that arms makers will continue to make bigger, superior and more powerful weapons.

I believe that the world needs more love, and humanity needs our loving awareness more than the development of another firearm, smart missile or armored tank.

Since time began humanity has known violence; humanity has always had those who cause pandemonium and anarchy. I also believe that humanity has always known extremes in poverty and hunger and other social issues.

I believe that ignorant men demonize others – just as weak men instill fear by telling myths, lies and rumors, while the arrogant disregard the laws of humanity.

I believe that we must always look for ways to engage in peace. And I’m in full knowledge that society has a right to protect itself from those who hate and want to harm but I also firmly believe that we cannot rid the world of terrorists or threats of terrorism and prepare humanity for peace while holding weapons in our hands.

I believe that another bullet fired means more blood to stain the ground; it means more mourners – more graves – more coffins. It means another family will gather to grieve… It means more conflict and more disagreements. It means more rage and more fanaticism.

I am not irresponsible, ignorant or an absurd dreamer; I am firm in my own believe that even as humanity weeps at the violence and horrors currently in the news that arms makers and dealers are busy counting profits; full in the knowledge that the Lords of War are always willing to add fuel to the flames of animosity; ready to fire another round thus ensuring another cycle of terror; ensuring another wave of terrorism, hate and ignorance; another round of prejudice, bias, racism, and distorted stereotypes.

Nonviolent thinking embraces both the dignity and sanctity of all life.

Nonviolence: The way of nonviolence is of the heart and soul; through nonviolent thinking and living we re-discover self-respect. Thus, nonviolent thinking is a resource of strength.

Nonviolence – The use of peaceful means, not force, to bring about political or social change. [passive resistance]… the WAY of Gandhi.

Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also the internal violent discourse/dialogues we hold with our self. We must be persistent in our quest for achieving at least a dialogue on nonviolence. A dialogue that needs to include compromises and respecting each other’s rights… Engaging in such dialogue must be done in the spirit of reconciliation if we ever hope for a real solution to world conflicts and disagreements.

Dare to dream it – dare to believe it, dare to make it come true: From Brother David Steindel – Rast_ “Imagine a country whose citizens—maybe even its leaders—are brave, calm, and open towards each other; a country whose people realize that all human beings belong together as one family and must act accordingly; a country guided by Common Sense.” Through this way Mankind has the greatest potential to rediscover humanity.

To continue on our current course with a weapon in our hands means nothing has changed … it means that we will continue to live in an irrational violent world.

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God Will Not Be Mocked

“God will not be mocked.” A smug man said. Self assured that Jesus loves him: “Because to Him he belongs.”

This smug man is aware of the effects of his words. His own carefully selected words of deceitful domination uses clobber passages of scriptures.

Yes, it irks me to see how blindly many Christians use the historical context of the stories from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and Christian Scriptures (New Testament) which are typically used to condemn gay people.

This abuses the Bible, and abuses biblical scriptures:  Instead of helping to repair a broken world though modeling and prompting faith and trust in God. The smug men models fear and mistrust. Their lack of confidence leads to mistrust… Their words cause doubts and misgivings in their congregation regarding LGBTQ people.

Their carefully worded warnings encourage people to be wary and suspicious of others This is dysfunctional behavior. No one questions or challenges the messenger or the messages, or their scruples.

This is dysfunctional: If, an outsider point out the bias, or I think he speaks of bigotry. It is assumed that I am The Enemy. That my thoughts are not to be trusted. That I’m the biased and bigoted person. This is dysfunctional.

This is religious tyranny and everyone. Everyone… should be afraid of blinded monstrous bigots.

The smug, mean spirited men.  Nationally known religious leader are joined by other powerful religious men. White, powerful patriarchs who flaunt and abuse their prestige. These prestigious patriarchs encourage a president to ‘purge’ ‘erase’ millions of American citizens.

Citizens who have the  Right to Life; to live; to live free from secular and religious persecution as well.

LGBTQ people have the right to enjoy freedom of speech: Freedom of thought, conscience and religion.


While most LGBTQ Americans have been raised in an organized religion — and many continue to cherish their faith community — too many have been forced to leave those communities behind because of condemnation of LGBTQ people.

And yet in recent years, a growing number of organized religious groups in the United States have issued statements officially welcoming LGBTQ people as members.

Many religious organizations also have taken supportive stands on the issues that affect LGBTQ people in America, such as the fight for freedom from discrimination, the solemnizing of same-sex marriage and the ordination of openly LGBTQ clergy.” –Human Rights Campaign. 

Freedom of movement: They have the right to safe places to live,play, work, sleep, study, shop.

They have the right to be who they are: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people. Human Beings. Human Beings being stripped of their humanity without regard, and with open contempt for their human rights.

Already there are deadly attacks on former leaders …  This is just the beginning we will see more such acts. These are planned barbarous acts given a wink and a nod by people in power.  If one person in any given community feels unsafe. Then no one feels safe.
This is the power of terror.

America and in other parts of the world will soon be seeing more terrifying, barbarous acts.  The exporting and importing hate by unscrupulous people will continue to outrage the conscience of mankind.

We are at the flash point: Human rights should be protected by the rule of law. No one should accept tyranny and oppression.

No one: However the extremely powerful Mr. Graham, his religious associates and secular colleagues often – and freely paint LGBTQ people in a very ugly light; summarily, arbitrarily; without due process each convict them. Convict them with bias and prejudicial judgment.

Mr. Graham carefully chooses his words:  words are chosen that demean, demoralize, dehumanize. LGBTQ persons. This is not spiritual. This is tyrannical. This is oppression.

False Prophets are deluded monsters hiding beneath the skin of a human being.  Without ever a thought to their safety,their humanity, their well-being  the false prophets have tainted them. Very badly — under the guise of Christianity. This is not spiritual.

This is tyrannical. This is oppression. This activity negates every belief, and the practice of Jesus of Nazareth.

Mr. Graham, You are correct. “God will not be mocked.”