Orlando -We are not strangers We are all brothers”

one victim

In grief – a Survivor – in  tears…

Anger turned to rage _ He was ‘cool and calm; he had a pulse. But he was already a dead man, walking_ he didn’t know it then; but he had a plan in his head when he left home; he had a gun in his hand, he knew his fate. He knew his hours were numbered, he knew he would never return home.

PULSE: The moment he entered the door whatever calm there was inside was shattered as bullets flew and pandemonium broke out: Anger: rage: danger: People tried to run and hide_ then the sirens began to wail. The insanity against humanity: People died: Why? They were sons and daughters, sisters and brothers: nephews and cousins: –aunts – uncles: co-worker, a colleague; a close friend: Someone’s lover.

for orlando

You are travelers on your way … you are homeward bound.

You are walking in the light … you’ve reached a new destination.

We’re the ones left behind … shedding our tears. 

Somehow_ we’ll find the strength to carry on. 

So many now left alone, bereft because of senseless act of violence carried

out by a bigot, a bully, because of his bias, his prejudice.

Anger: rage: danger: More sirens began to wail: Throughout the night the sirens wailed. Someone’s child died_ Mothers cry; fathers cry and rails: No! Not my child! A brother and sister cry; the sirens continued their wailing. The insanity of humanity expressing itself: Why, why?

Through the night the sirens wailed, ambulances came and went. Hospitals were on alert. The next morning nation’s question_ Why? The angels cry, asking why_ as we express our anger; concern and grief: Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, a lover, a neighbor, and strangers gather grieve and mourn in public and private spaces.

PULSE: There were twenty on the floor: then thirty-forty – forty-nine lives stolen by the thief who eventually joined the forty-nine on the floor. In anger – in calm rage he took many futures from us: Dear God: Why? Like a thief; he robbed families and friends of future celebrations: birthdays, special days; and their chance to graduate; to marry, become a parent_ more.

We’re in early mourning_ keeping a constant vigil: The danger has passed; for now. Though our hearts are heavy, and our heads are low. The flags of many nations are low and we are pausing momentarily before resuming our daily lives.

Deeply mourning we’re now keeping a united vigil_ supporting one another in the only way we know how… with flowers, songs, teddy bears, with hugs: lit candles; pictures of those who died; and remembering each other in our thoughts and prayers.

Orlando_ PULSE: Perhaps a bagpipe will wail_  perhaps a singer will sing of a journey_ homeward bound and our tears will fall anew; our hearts will falter- and skip a beat_ again.  Soon everyone will begin to pick up the pieces of our individual lives_ moving on pushing the thought into the background: will history repeat itself? Dear God: Why?

In the aftermath of such violence – We hear the damming curses of tens of thousands filling the air with their anger… what has changed? Again I hear the angels cry; asking why! We cannot allow irrational judgment to overcloud our common sense and reason. Already we have far too many broken hearts, broken homes, broken dreams and lives. We are each one heart within the heartbeat of humanity. Let us, in our grief, pray for wisdom for understanding: Pray for our humanity.

From – Rea Carey, Executive Director

National  LGBTQ Task Force

“This tragedy has also brought love, compassion and kindness from all corners of the world. I hope all of us can take in that show of support. The best thing we can do is to continue to be strong, to be human in all the emotions that come up for us, and show our resolve through the beauty of who we are in all the ways we identify and show up in the world.

In the face of such ugliness, our resolve to live openly and proudly remains undiminished — and we are undeterred from our work to create a nation where LGBTQ people can live free from the threat of discrimination, persecution and violence. Let’s all take care of each other as we find a path to peace and justice.”

To support the victims and their families,

please go togofundme.com/pulsevictimsfund.

I know we came here to love each other -here, in the circle of life


Artwork: Mourning – Keeping Vigil Karen Coats

“We are not strangers  –We are all brothers”