Speak up: Speak to inform, to motivate… to defend.


No one deserves to be tortured: GLBT people have been, are now and will forever be part of the human family. GLBT are ordinary people who did not chose to be who they are; they are our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, friends, classmates, colleagues, neighbors.

Everyone has the right to life, dignity, and respect; their own autonomy: to be known, seen, heard and know peace.

Tyrannical leaders rely on censorship: Silence allows the tyrannical minded to lead and gives permission for atrocities to occur. Tyranny permits selective persecution, prosecution and terrorism.

To conquer this many voices must stand up and speak out. Many voices are needed to bring hope where there is none: Justice must prevail, murders must be properly investigated and condemned and human rights violations must be addressed.  Secrecy, myths, lies, misinformation and censorship promote bigotry, hate and violence. Myths, lies and misinformation are rampant; we need many voices to build constructive dialogue on the issues surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity.  

At the center of all spiritual teachings is love, peace, harmony, compassion and joy: The essence found in all spiritual texts speak of faith, trust and respect, prayer-renewal and honor of family and respect for all life_ further these texts also speak of justice and being concerned for the rights of others and fairness. 

For the sake of humanity we need religious leaders around the world to publicly and vehemently condemn hate crimes and hate speech and any act that calls for hate on the grounds of one’s sexual orientation/gender identity.  We need news media to adopt policies that calls for respect for human rights for all, without discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation/gender identity.

Why, because it is the right thing to do.  When a person, a government or a church says to its subjects – this you may not do, or read, this you must not do or know is wrong; this is the sign of tyranny and oppression. 

If you support tyranny you support injustice. If you support justice you support liberty.  If you support freedom you support equality. 

Write for justice, its the right thing to do.

Rachel Wolff.