In Memory of The Many

“Memorial Day was born out of necessity. After the American Civil War, a battered United States was faced with the task of burying and honoring the 600,000 to 800,000 Union and Confederate soldiers who had died in the single bloodiest military conflict in American history.” Family loyalties were torn- Family against Family and Neighbor againstContinue reading “In Memory of The Many”

The Government Was Never Meant to Become The Family Guardian. Period.

Democracy has all but vanished due largely to the bizarre, foolish and reckless directives drafted, endorsed and supported  to meet the preferences and priorities of the ultra conservative biblical priorities of the Republican Leadership.   The President and the Republican party have abandoned their promise of being accountable to the American people to the Constitutional System, LimitedContinue reading “The Government Was Never Meant to Become The Family Guardian. Period.”

Beyond the Skin and the Mask

Love is without form; an indefinable manifestation of the exquisite compassion of the heart, an inner essence of unique and remarkable capabilities that circulates throughout the body through the thin thread of red running through our veins. Man is always in a state of becoming: love transitions us from the old to the new, reachingContinue reading “Beyond the Skin and the Mask”

The Animal Farm – another version

The Animal Farm – Pennsylvania Avenue Old McGrump Had a Farm – Ei- ei- oh Old McGrump is a mean old Bastard – Always walking ‘round his farm with a riding crop in hand. He’s a nasty old fart, always expects everyone to kneel and bow – and take his shyte without a whimper. Everyone,Continue reading “The Animal Farm – another version”