Ruffled Feathers

Ignorance is real: Hate is real. I’m not mentioning Quacker by name to give him more air time, he’s had enough – nor will I show his picture, it’s been seen enough as well. By now we should know who Quacker is – if you don’t – you’re fortunate. I barely do and what IContinue reading “Ruffled Feathers”

Trees are shelters…

As I researched this article I discovered many things:  Perhaps the worship of trees by the ancients [which was prevalent throughout the ancient world] that trees were proxies of the Divine.  It is possible since temples were often built in the heart of sacred groves and nocturnal ceremonials apparently were conducted under the wide-spread branchesContinue reading “Trees are shelters…”

The Rocky Road to Human Rights

The Rocky Road to Human Rights Equal Rights: … Who speaks for humankind? Who is qualified to dole out rights to others? Who, among Man shall declare – You on this hand shall have this but You on this hand will not? After much debate it was declared that Man exists, that Man exists withContinue reading “The Rocky Road to Human Rights”

Love is a shelter

  Typically Pro-life means support for bringing the human fetus to full term.  I’m expanding this meaning – to  support LIFE in all stages of the human experience.   In America we still live in a democratic society, an open society though this is changing and everyone  appears to be calling for censorship and restrictionsContinue reading “Love is a shelter”

What do you want to see in 2014?

What do you want to see in 2014? Perhaps a better question would be… what are you capable of and willing to do in 2014 to bring about the needs that you see that are most important to you? For myself I feel that we need to work harder towards bringing peace, harmony and loveContinue reading “What do you want to see in 2014?”

I am a person – not chattel- I am not a slave

Pope Francis was brave … somewhat, but he and his archbishops and bishops are still too far out of step with ordinary Catholics and world citizens on a wide range of social issues – most notably women’s issues – rights, contraception and homosexuality. Women are not wards of the Church or slaves; it’s not vitallyContinue reading “I am a person – not chattel- I am not a slave”

We were not born His Way; we were born Our Way

With Scott Lively there is no fair and reasonable, and one can’t use the word rational when speaking of the man. He’s all about adherence to his puritanical scruples, to his conscience which covers what is right and wrong with our inalienable rights.  Mr. Lively is a prisoner of his own conscience; yet he’s playedContinue reading “We were not born His Way; we were born Our Way”