Discrimination:We must All Tremble With Indignation

Old Sir, I heard a tale: Once upon a time, during a dark time in our history there was a man named Trump. His motto- in his own time was_ “Always get even. When somebody screws you, screw them back in spades.” Sir, was there ever a man named Trump? The old Sir replied: Yes.Continue reading “Discrimination:We must All Tremble With Indignation”

On The Hill

On The Hill  – The Don In a dark castle sits The Don. A corrupt,  slothful, boorish king. sitting alone in a dark room. Fondling his stash of hidden cash. Thick saliva slowly drips from his mouth; a low guttural sound comes  from deep in his throat. He’s just realized the large numbers of dissenting voters.Continue reading “On The Hill”

Memory Holes

Memory holes: There should be no forgetting of those who committed a large part of their lives to serving others. Brave Souls: We must give thanks to everyone who are serving in the military, or have served in the past. They were courageous – even if they served within the borders of the United States. CourageContinue reading “Memory Holes”

Grief: Theirs, Ours, Mine

Light walkers – Brave strangers_ With torches alight, shared stories Light walkers – Brave strangers Stopped to pay their respects Express sorrow, their pain Some prayed Brave strangers – Light walkers Shed tears, asking why? Brave Strangers: light walkers Knelt, lit candles Light Walkers, brave strangers. Ordinary people respectfully Came together, said prayers, Left flowers.Continue reading “Grief: Theirs, Ours, Mine”

Light Walkers, Brave Travelers

12 killed in Thousand Oaks, 11 killed in Pittsburgh, 17 killed in Parkland, 26 killed in Sutherland Springs, 58 killed in Vegas, 49 killed in Orlando, 14 killed in San Bernardino – the list continues. We are not strangers. We need to take care of each other as we find a path to peace andContinue reading “Light Walkers, Brave Travelers”

Hypocrites in The Church?

The hypocrisy in the White House is hard to ignore. Deceptive Christians say all manner of evil against LGBTQ people. They curse, insult, persecute, taunt, revile, vilify, slander LGBTQ people and other vulnerable communities. They say all manner of evil against them. Underhanded, unprincipled deceptive men and women, without  ever a thought to their safety,Continue reading “Hypocrites in The Church?”