Everyone Should Be Treated Fairly

My LGBT family and friends

You have the right to experience
unconditional love.

I stand with you as a friend and ally 

I see the goodness in you_ 
I love you_ 
bless you_ 

You are loved, wanted, needed.

You have the right to be seen -
have your voice heard.

You have a place- you have a purpose.
You have the right to feel safe and cared
for in your family home. The places
you shop, study, play_ pray. 

You have the right to speak up,

the right to be seen 
the right to be heard
treated with care

I want you to know this- deep in your heart...

I want you to know  you are cared for.
I want You to know  you are needed.
I want you to know You are wanted.

No one has the right to tell another person how they should feel:
You have the right to express feelings of affection to

your lover, husband, wife

You have the right to health care.

You have the right to marry your sweetheart.
You have the right to safe housing.
You have the right to job security.

You have the right to feel safe and secure on the street,

in a shopping mall; at your work, on the bus…
those places you eat, sleep, play,

~Hearth and Home~

A House
A house is a structure of form; a space;
a relationship with space.
A structure of form;an architectural
design on a street: An address.

A conceptual layout of space with a roof: It has walls, floors, a stove, sinks
and drains. Closets; a flow plan.
It’s an ideal we seek.

A Family
‘A family is made of people who are bound together by birth, by law,

or by love.

‘A family consists of two
Or more people who live together or are
related by ancestry or marriage.
And we all come in different
sizes and shapes.’

~Hearth and Home~
A home is where we live our intimate
lives: It’s a bonding place between
two or more
It’s more than nooks and crannies
closets and drawers; it’s more than

a place to lie our head and
place our stuff
and clutter
A home is a sanctuary_ with a
fire in the hearth radiating
warmth and light
A home is a cheerful place
filled with family and
friends and games
and jokes and
It is a place of security; a place
of trust and respect:  It is a
place to hug and dance:
A place to love and
kiss and laugh_
to cry and
The home is a place of peace.
A quiet retreat: The hearth
the center point; that
welcoming place we
yearn for at the end
of a day or a

Hearth and Home-©
Dedicated to ‘Eric and Nick’ and
All same gender couples who have adopted children or who desire to make a home for children; and Let’s Reach 1 Million People Campaign
Rachel Wolff – 2012

The hearth
The center point; that
Welcoming place we
Yearn for at the end
Of a day or a