Reflections of GLBT Ally

I met Rich In 1973, he was my first gay friend and I enjoyed 26 years of close friendship with him until his death in 1999. Rich wasn’t an occasional friend who frequently visited the family, no at a point in time he became a member of my family and later lived with us; heContinue reading “Reflections of GLBT Ally”

Rocks, Rivers and Trees

Two men – with feet of clay stand upon my back to facing the day and destiny; their faces lifted tearfully heaven – each looks for Deity; one tearfully begs for help and mercy; the other whispers thanks for health and mercy. “Earth is where rocks lie silent, rivers run wild and trees grow asContinue reading “Rocks, Rivers and Trees”

 Oh Becky, you and David and your clique

  Oh Becky, you and David and your clique of necromancers and your sordid passion with the macabre.  I see that you’ve put death back on your “I must do list.”  You just can’t wait for people to die; first you wanted to give death as a ‘Christmas gift; now it’s on the table inContinue reading ” Oh Becky, you and David and your clique”

Oh Brother What is Happening

Oh Uganda…  Brother, brother what’s happening on this land  Brother, brother, do not make me a sacrifice Brother, brothers do not put men in chains Brothers do not leave blood on the sand Brothers’ remember who I am  We are not human sacrifices  No God will be appeased  Rachel Wolff.

The last hurrah? No a lesson learned.

Last summer I made a decision to buy condoms to send to my son and his partner who live in another country where condoms and lube are both extremely expensive and in very short supply. I’ve never bought condoms in my life. I am a great grandmother of 70 standing in the aisle at theContinue reading “The last hurrah? No a lesson learned.”

Uganda: Preserve Liberty – Promote Freedom: Equality

Oh, Uganda: Preserve Liberty – Promote Freedom: Equality: Gays Have the right to live Stop: Stop the hate, stop it now Oh, Uganda, death is a sacrifice that denies the integrity of the law itself. Calling for death promotes hate instead of encouraging freedom and liberty. The Law denies the word of g-d when theContinue reading “Uganda: Preserve Liberty – Promote Freedom: Equality”