The Animal Farm – another version

The Animal Farm – Pennsylvania Avenue
Old McGrump Had a Farm – Ei- ei- oh

Old McGrump is a mean old Bastard –
Always walking ‘round his farm
with a riding crop in hand.

He’s a nasty old fart, always expects everyone
kneel and bow – and take his shyte
without a whimper.

Everyone, the old bastard said, is
equal_but, he said, some are more
than others.

On his farm, he keeps a cow, a sow,
a bat_ quite a few rats,
and his shrew.
KellyAnne revolutionary

a few young bucks, creepy crawlies
and a snake or two.

Old McGrump keeps his chickens, 
turtles and dinosaurs on a short
leash. Keeps his wife tucked
away in a tower.

Old McGrump, The Falsifier:
He’s always right. (Except when he’s wrong,
but he’s never

He always tells the truth – (except when he lies)
He denies he lies…But – he lies. 

Once upon a time, he kept a girl to make his huckleberry
pies; a southern gal who tried to sell his lies.

From time to time he calls on
Pastor Grimm for prayer or
two – Grimm is looking forward
to the rapture –
politician preacher

Old McGrump calls in favors from Faux News
and Putin too. They’re all looking to make a
happy dollar or two.

“Screw em, old McGrump said- Goodnight old friends…
Screw ‘em good… McPence nods and waits… 

McGrump, once in bed -Satisfied with his plans – (he doesn’t realize

that cankers of death have already taken his soul;) ‘I’m the winner,’
the old sybarite sighs. He
dreamed of windmills, walls, sanctions,
crowns empires, victories. He believes he will live forever. 

Old McGrump rules with harshness and force: 
He never thinks beyond himself_ never thinks of
the hate – the hurt –
the devastation caused by his extremist

How his actions have devastated the Union. How his
sabotaged justice_ destroyed domestic
tranquility. How he’s failed to provide for the
common defense. 
Failed to improve the well-being
of the nation. — Devastated the blessings of liberty.

The world is not a safe place. How can it be when our
liberties, freedoms, and avenues to justice are
being stripped away day by day?

Aided by his cows, sows; his vampire_ his rats and his shrew.
His young bucks, his creepy crawlies, and snakes – his
chickens, turtles, and dinosaurs -all expect
him to become emperor of the world.

McGrump thinks he will live forever – Ah, but …McPence … waits in the wings with
dreams of his own.


plans for mike



Published by Rachel Wolff

I am a Global Voice dedicated to promoting world wide equal rights, civil rights, human rights. I believe that Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

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