It’s winter. You’re a homeless youth living on the street.

Reality: For a gay youth living on the street there will be anxiety, isolation, tears, challenges, confrontations, depression, diseases, hardship, loneliness, poverty, violence. Self harm.  

The Importance of Diversity

Being Gay and Political Bigots

Political bigots call for hateful laws

And legislation denies LGBTQ

Existence and identity

Where are the stewards who stand

For Civil – Equal – Human rights?

Everyone is an immigrant on Earth

Everyone leaves footprints in the

Sand and legacies for the future

Each of us are intangibly


Humanity reminds us to teach

The Golden Rule – But immoral

Religious fanaticism divides

Humanity to keep Gays’

Oppressed – their life

Filled with distress

Prejudice and


No – not everyone enjoys equal

Rights- simple human rights

Are denied by political

Bigots and fanatical

Citizens who spawn

Hate chaos and


By law – in home and community

So many Lives are destroyed

My friends are denied

Justice, kindness

Love, peace, joy

And mercy

Instead they are treated

With intolerance – cruelty

By law: in home – community

Brutality and hate are

Supported – nurtured

Society closes its’

Eyes and ears

In pain our Gay youth

Seek relief in death:

Society Blinks – A child is lost

Mourned; but their

Cause of death


A mother gives birth but the Spiritual

Law and the greater community also

Are responsible for creating a

Healthy-giving living


Every child needs to feel accepted

Safe and secure, they need to be

Encouraged; they need inspiring

People around them to be the

Best they can be; children

Need to be told_ being

Gay is okay.

The Importance of Diversity

Rachel Wolff – 2013


Mr. President: A Title Undeserved Traitor: A Title Well Deserved

Mr. President, a title undeserved

A tyrant at best. A poor leader.
Now The subject of laughter…
You are a racist: A terrible joke
A disloyal American:
A traitor.

You fleeced America_
Americans. You deserve
The experience of life
Inside a prison cell.

For your Crimes Against Humanity
As traitor you deserve
Imprisonment, though it’s
doubtful you will ever
Know a moment in jail,
or a prison.

A Traitor_ a title well deserved

You thought of yourself as Emperor, ruling an empire_
Your Crimes Against Humanity.  Unconstitutional siding
With special interest Groups_ Erasing people_
Denying services, funds. For giving
Honors to wealthy friends _
Supporting A wealthy, feminine,
Patriarch _ and her Horrifying
comments regarding
Applauding taking a knee_

You walked away from a memorial.
Could not find it in your heart to
Honor a prisoner of war_ His
Grieving widow.

Mr. President: A title undeserved

Your friends_ the enemies of
America: Your actions  will be
forever remembered.

Your Disregard for Human Rights:
Extinguished the heart of
Democracy: Liberty.

So many times in so many ways
You devalued America, Americans
With your disrespect for Veterans:
Your Blatant disrespect for
Women: for gassing immigrants_
Threatening sonic sounds.
Which_harm the whales_
So many ways_ too numerous
to count.

Mr. President: A title undeserved

An antediluvian, hoary man, well past his prime
A bitter, cold and calculating, forbidding,man
Always angry, churlish, nasty.

Always grim, sullen,unfriendly.
Decency,honesty, kindness
Courtesy, diplomacy are
Foreign to your

Mr. President: A title undeserved

You’ve never shown one act of
Kindness_ a listening ear, a
Kind word_ An act of kindness
A light in the darkness_An act of kindness
Makes life sweeter, better
One healing touch to calms,
Comforts. Just one act of
Kindness_One simple
Touch: A Lifeline

As Mr. President_ A spark of kindness, a modicum
Of compassion; a tiny little flutter of generosity
Would have worked wonders_ A wreath for a
Veteran_  A smile for a child would have

worked wonders.

A Traitor, Disloyal to America. 
Mr. President_ A title undeserved.
The World sees the darkness in Your soul_
The World Sees Your crimes Against Humanity.
We will never forget …

how you betrayed us
degraded us.