Earth – A place we call home- Black Life Matters

A commentary regarding  

Slavery – Segregation – Abolition …


Think of the rivers of blood spilled by slave holders who became financial emperors

 White lives and Black lives –
Years of degradation
Privileges and Power
Men with whips

Terror and violence –
Men in chains
Profits and


Black life… Matters


 Think of the cruelties inflicted by distinguishable inhabitants on places on a map.

Slavery – Segregation – Years of degradation – 
Terror and violence –Chains and whips
Stolen Lives  – White lies
 Black life –Matters 

“To be a slave is to be owned by another person. A slave is a human being classed as property and who is forced to work for nothing. An enslaved person is a human being who is made to be a slave. This language is often used instead of the word slave, to refer to the person and their experiences and to avoid the use of dehumanizing language.”-*


It means that every aspect of your life is owned by another person. Your sweat – your tears – your breath is owned and owed. It means that your body- and your skills-talents can be traded – sold like merchandise on a whim or a choice. It means the roof over your head belongs to another; the food you eat is what is given; and the time you rise, eat and sleep are set by another.

 It means that those you make friends with – establish a family with – can be taken away… uprooted without notice.  An educated slave was esteemed, but considered as a threat –

 “Fearing that black literacy would prove a threat to the slave system — which relied on slaves’ dependence on masters — whites in many colonies instituted laws forbidding slaves to learn to read or write and making it a crime for others to teach them.” Sourced: Excerpt from South Carolina Act of 1740 

 A slave was … Branded: Marked permanently with a hot iron as identifiable property; traditionally used on cattle and livestock, as well as on some enslaved people, to show ownership.

Chattel slavery: A form of slavery, introduced by Europeans, in which the slave is treated as a piece of property, belonging to his or her owner, and has no rights; the slave is enslaved for life and his / her children are automatically enslaved too; chattel slaves can also be bought and sold just like cattle (from which the word chattel comes) 

Emancipation: The state of being set free, or granted rights equal to others who already enjoy them; the freeing of slaves from slavery. 

Segregation: Separating people, especially in the use of public facilities, employment, education, and housing; usually with a denial of political rights for the excluded group. – Information source: The Abolition Project.

It doesn’t matter if a slaveholder held one slave or a thousand… or if they were treated well or maltreated – they were still owned – and that person was unable to leave the property without a letter of consent.

The pictures below  tell the story better than words how fervent hate was/is; and how eager many people are to degrade one another….


Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Understanding what I’m saying…

The desire for segregation -discrimination  is alive – alert and stalking us…
this is still a part of our combined American history

Yes… my life matters… your life matters… but the topic of discussion is Black life and Black Life matters… As a White person I have no business equating my white life to the Black life of my friend. Working with him for several years on his family genealogy… I discovered many things…  Black life – matters; and there is so much work to yet to be done…

I feel the need to address and stress this point – Because freedom, liberty and justice is still tied to white power, and very few citizens understand the depth and breadth of our white privilege – our power – our white intolerance and injustice; and because we are gearing for another race war, and this frightens me.  

Is Black Lives Matter a hostile group? Conceivably – I don’t know for sure, yet.  Is it a group I want to form an alliance with? No, but I do share an empathetic understanding of the hostility and the cause of it.

When someone says yes… all lives matter – — in an effort to equate White life experience to Black life experience – only serves to deny the ongoing struggle and appreciation for their own Black identity and survival.


If I am wrong in what I wrote – speak to me about this …
Educate me… Please.




End of The Watch

We are not strangers – We are brothers…

“Remembering that we are all one, we pray today for our sisters and brothers in Dallas. And in every place on earth where there is pain. Where there is hurt. Where there is violence. Where there is hatred. Let our hearts unite together and enfold all people everywhere in prayers of healing and peace.” ~ A Unity Community.

I Hear A Call by Emmy Lou Harris

I Hear A Call –  Click The Link Below


“And what is the wholesome? Abstention from killing living beings is wholesome; abstention from taking what is not given is wholesome… And what is the root of the wholesome? Non-greed is a root of the wholesome; non-hate is a root of the wholesome…”
– Buddha

Caring for Earth

The earth and its people are irreplaceable and both are in our care.golden earth

“Earth, who gives to us this food,

Sun, who makes it ripe and good,

 Dearest Earth, dearest Sun,

We won’t forget what you have done.” 

People are walking in darkness and the Earth Mother is crying out – asking all of us to show more compassion and understanding; it’s time for us to re-gather to share our common wisdom and show respect to the Earth Mother, to its people and cultures.

You and I share this planet, a home that was created for us but the lands are being spoiled by greedy and power hungry men and there is only a minuscule of peace and harmony between nations, and little or no love between family, friends or neighbors.

The Earth Mother carries the burden of eleven billion people; and many hearts are hard and cold.

Around the world laws and legislation’s are being created which limit the liberties and freedoms of many of its citizens; and many people are disillusioned and disheartened because the once sacred teachings of love, respect, courage, honesty, humility, wisdom and truth are being set aside; forgotten or no longer practiced and many of the teachings are being distorted and the Earth Mother herself is being violently ravaged – violated and we must find ways to alter the course of this dreadful path.  We must find the way to re-create the dream and the vision of health wellness that has always been a part of our common history.

In every conceivable way we touch millions of lives, the lives of those near and far for better or worse… this means that we must take personal responsibility for our words and our actions; we can no longer foul the air by saying hurtful things about others and behaving in ways that are harmful to our families, neighbors and the earth.   Our combined voices can bring hope if we stand together and share our common wisdom and show respect to the Earth Mother, to all people, creatures and cultures.

… Dearest Earth, dearest Sun,

We won’t forget what you have done.” 

Each day something beautiful awaits us, so walk softly on the warm earth, take time to see the beauty around you, enjoy the gentle things of life. Walk slowly on the path. Take time to enjoy the space between the stars and the stones; enjoy the night journey of the lady moon and the rising of the sun, enjoy the show of winter, the spring rains; the summer breeze and harvest moon, they are here to relieve our weariness.

Sister Water

Sister Water

Sister Water sprang forth from the will of God: Water, more
Precious than silver or gold, always cleansing, healing
Renewing and sustaining every living thing on earth

She never rests: In various forms and shapes she is always
Dragging, lifting pushing, rolling, ever wandering at
Will across the earth without pause or rest

Sustaining every living thing_ home to countless
Creatures: large and small; quelling the thirst of
Rich and poor; the beast and, plant on earth

She is power: Often a brutal force; a violent force rushing
Turbulently with a flash and roar she comes with her
Brothers Air, Wind and Fire and with her fury spent
She leaves horror and destruction behind

Yet other times Sister Water is calm and mild
Peaceful, temperate and the gentlest of rain
Softly dances on the earth; a beautiful sight

She upholds and nourishes life: Fields ripen
Flowers bloom and lift their heads to the
Sun: Every living thing on earth relies
On Sister Water

She is a marvelous mystical sacred
River of holiness; or a medicine to
Soothe the pain of those who
Seek warmth in hot springs

In the forest she rises as a magical
Mist caressing ferns and grasses:
On a spider’s web she shimmers
Like diamonds

As a bubbling spring she trickles into a sylvan
Pool and softly murmurs over pebbly rocks:
She is a free falling waterfall cascading
Into a Lily pond

She lazily rolls on beaches as a gentle
Wave in summer but she shows her
Fury as a winter storm crashing
Against cliffs and craggy rocks

She is a crystal flying through the air
Leaving thick white icing on bare
Fields and icy pendants dangling
From bare branches

A deity of earth and sky she is
The sweat on the brow, a
Tear in the eye; part
Of our body, spirit

Such is the power
Of sister water

Sister Water was inspired by the Canticle of the Sun: a song of
Praise by St Francis of Assisi praising God; thanking Him for
The creation of Brothers ’ Wind, Air, Fire and Sister Water.

Sister Water- ©
Rachel Wolff
December 2010