We are gloriously human, flawed and fabulous

Everyone thinks differently and knows and believes things differently, and everyone acts differently as well. Have you ever deviated from the norm and blazed your own trail or have you always followed a well-worn path blazed by others.

1. Tell me about a day in your life you didn’t think you’d live through. What does the word home mean?

2. Do you remember the time the feather of love first touched your heart? Have you ever felt the brunt of someone’s bigotry, prejudice or hate?

3. What do you think when you see a man operating a machine with mechanical arms that twists tree branches off trees?

4. Do you give a part of yourself to strangers or keep everything to yourself? Do you allow yourself to also receive sometimes?

5. Have you ever compared your life to others or walked in someone else’s shoes? Do you have any idea what their journey is all about.

6. Have you ever casually kiss a friend on the cheek or the lips when you said goodbye? Do you stand beside them when they’re angry, try to understand their anger?

7. Have you paid for a cup of coffee or a soft drink or left money to be applied to the tab of a stranger behind you at a drive in; donated airline or hotel miles so that a family member could attend the graduation ceremony of their grandchild or be at the bedside of a critically ill loved one in another state?

8. Tell me some of the ways that society is cruel to others. Do you bleed sometimes from other people’s wounds?

9. Have you listened while a family member or friend told you they had a life threatening illness and a limited time to live?

10. Is it justifiable or honorable to critique and point fingers at others who think differently and walk a different path than yours?

11. What do you think of your first name; if you disliked it and decided to change it, would your family accept it and call you by the name you felt fit you better or would they disapprove and argue with your decision?

12. Have you ever known anyone who has been disowned by their mother, father or siblings? Have you thought about the child who keeps a secret afraid to tell it for fear of being rejected, disowned and tossed out of the house?

13. Do you inspire yourself? Have you written a song and then lived it? Have you wanted to write a book? Would you deny it if someone told you that you are a precious jewel?

14. Have you ever spiraled into bliss and then came crashing down to earth like a heavy rock – but you recovered and stretched your wings and flew the skies again?

Would you think less of me if I told you that I was a day dreamer in school and never truly understood the fundamentals of math, grammar and punctuation? Or that I only learned to truly live later in life and now walk to the beat of my own drum?

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