We The People: Not You People


This is my letter I sent to the Governor of Oklahoma. Please stand with my family members who live in Oklahoma, show them your support.

The Honorable Mary Fallin
Office of the Governor
Oklahoma State Capitol
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd
Room 212 Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Dear Governor Fallin,

The purpose of my letter: Same Gender Marriage.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in the U.S. including the state of Oklahoma face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. While same-sex sexual activity is legal in Oklahoma same-sex couples and families headed by same-sex couples are not eligible for all the protections available to opposite-sex married couples.

This is a profound wrong and unfathomable to me as a straight ally.

Governor Fallin, Oklahoma could be a leader in promoting the rule of law, could be a leader in protecting All individual rights and liberties and could be a leader in promoting public trust and confidence in All of Your citizens, however Oklahoma chooses to be disapproving, condemnatory and judgmental and this is a great pity for everyone.

Oklahoma isn’t the only state out of step with the reason and principle as well as the intent of the United States Constitution, but the tide is turning and more and more states are forward thinking. 18 States are forward thinking having found that there is simply no rational reason to deny marriage to same gender people. And 12 States are on the verge of leaping forward for civil rights by taking that giant step towards legalizing gay marriage. Governor Fallin, if you care to remember The United States Constitution guarantees equal protection and due process under the law.

December 19, 2013; The New Mexico Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of same-sex marriage statewide, stating that “All rights, protections, and responsibilities that result from the marital relationship shall apply equally to both same-gender and opposite-gender married couples.”

December 20th – 2013 Judge Shelby of the 10th circuit court [which covers Oklahoma] noted five very interesting facts in his ruling:

Fact: There is no evidence that opposite-sex marriage will be affected in any way by same sex marriage.
Fact: Fear is unsupported and speculation is insufficient to justify the refusal to dignify the family relationship of its gay and lesbian citizens.
Fact: the Constitution protects the fundamental rights which include the right to marry and the right to have that marriage recognized by their governments.
Fact: These rights would be meaningless if the Constitution did not also prevent the government from interfering with the intensely personal choices an individual makes that person decides to make a solemn commitment to another human being.
Fact: the Constitution therefore protects the choice of one’s partner for all citizens, regardless of their sexual identity.

Supporting Argument : Thursday February 23, 2012 – A Federal Judge Found DOMA Unconstitutional: “Judge White addressed each of the four factors in turn. On the issue of discrimination, he writes, 1. “There is no dispute in the record that lesbians and gay men have experienced a long history of discrimination.” (18) In terms of contributions to society, White cited the ruling in the Prop 8 trial, noting that 2. “There is no dispute in the record or the law that sexual orientation has no relevance to a person’s ability to contribute to society” (19). 3. As for the immutability of sexual orientation, Judge White acknowledged that BLAG presented evidence in the case that there is “some fluidity” in sexuality for a “very small minority” of gays and lesbians, but affirmed that “the consensus in the scientific community is that sexual orientation is an immutable characteristic” (19). 4. Furthermore, he points out that Ninth Circuit precedent holds that “sexual orientation is recognized as a defining and immutable characteristic because it is so fundamental to one’s identity” (20).”

Facts are facts and myths are myths and legends are legends and there will always be those who will eagerly fan the flames of hell fire and brimstone to create chaos and mayhem. My question today: how long will you and Oklahoma continue to demean the dignity of same-sex couples when there is no rational reason to do so?

To me equal protection means treating every individual in the same manner as others in similar conditions and circumstances. Creating laws simply to deny equal rights or protection to GLBT makes no sense besides being mean spirited and punishing and this should always be subject to both public and court scrutiny regarding discrimination.

Not every family fits into societal norms: The traditional family has been defined as a group of two people or more one of whom is the householder. But why should it make any difference how a family is defined?

Aren’t we bound together by familial love, our love for our friends, our lover- partner and our family members? All that is asked is that you remember that LGBT are a part of the family of humanity.

Simply put Happiness has been described as being imprescriptible therefore in the end no State which follows the US Constitution should arbitrarily create a law specifically designed to deny a person’s right to happiness.

Thank you for your time


Love is a shelter


Typically Pro-life means support for bringing the human fetus to full term.  I’m expanding this meaning – to  support LIFE in all stages of the human experience.


In America we still live in a democratic society, an open society though this is changing and everyone  appears to be calling for censorship and restrictions much like those of the Puritanical Era and some people are still locked in history, they will not or perhaps they cannot look forward. These are the ones who want to deny gay rights and these are the designers and planners who would like to recreate a GLBT variation of that obscene practice of apartheid that existed in South Africa from 1948 to the early 1990’s.


Equal rights are equal rights and no democratic government should ever parcel out privileges to a few of its citizens while denying them to others. Why not celebrate equal rights?  Fear is one answer. People fear what they do not understand and then we have those who fan the flames of hell fire and brimstone who cause chaos and mayhem when it would be so easy to be a maker of peace, not a peace maker that’s not the same thing, nor a peace keeper.  


How do you make peace? It starts with the understanding of our own heart. Love is a shelter for everyone. Love means listening to our own heart. Love means practicing kindness, love means we are to unconditionally support all members of the global community – all people from all backgrounds. This is pro-life in totality because LOVE itself supports LIFE in all stages of our human experience.  




What do you want to see in 2014?

What do you want to see in 2014?

Perhaps a better question would be… what are you capable of and willing to do in 2014 to bring about the needs that you see that are most important to you? For myself I feel that we need to work harder towards bringing peace, harmony and love for all people.

We cannot ignore history – Most importantly we cannot continue wasting energy or time giving ignorant people publicity. We must not work in splinter groups, each doing our own thing. We must find the energy to move forward and to do this we need to continue to organize as we did for the million people march. We need to look forward not backward, we need to look up, not down. Look at our friends and our allies who are consistently there. We need to forge new friendships and make new allies.   

Humanity cries out for comfort, forgiveness, healing, love, patience, joy, guidance, friendship. We need kindness. We need all these in our lives more than we need to be told we are damned and sinners.  We need healers and makers of peace not critics and censors. We need humanitarians. We need kindness; otherwise we are going to continue to move from this darkness into a darker darkness.  No matter what we see and hear from the news media this is the Age of Aquarius. This is the age of increased spirituality and harmony.   This is destined to be the age of ‘holiness and agreement. ‘

We need more break more bread with each other. We need a lot more truly holy men far more than we need little tin gods.  We need light bearers making peace – not just envisioning peace. We need makers of peace to ensure harmony throughout the world. We need ‘lovers’ who call to say “I can help bake bread.”

We need helpful people in our lives to be there to lift us up when we are down. We don’t need tin gods trying to tear us away from our basic security, our family. Children are the future and we must work together to make a clear pathway for them: all children worldwide.

 Human rights are human rights and we must stand up for them. What they need now is help through laws and legislation that will not violate their constitutions.  All children need allies and friends and leaders and policymakers who will protect, listen and represent their needs issues and not promote stigmatization and prejudice.  Lawmakers, policymakers’ movers and shakers, one and all need to act with both reason and evidence and recognize equality and human rights and work to outlaw discrimination, period. Everyone should want laws that will protect every citizen, not harm them. Everyone should work together to make a secure place in the future for the children: Children are the future and we must work together to make a clear pathway for them, all of them and this must, absolutely must include GLBTQIA. 

Archbishop Desmond Tutu said “Let us come together and be one; let us be people of peace; let us be people of harmony.” His words should be a reminder to all of us that our personal world is ours to shape, that as individuals we should gather together to work for peace; even as a private individual we are ambassadors to the global community and we have a responsibility to be a person of peace. 

As a person of peace we have the responsibility to listen to each other; to learn from each other; to share our knowledge with openness, honesty and kindness. Being an ambassador of peace is a great responsibility but it must be done; we need more bakers of bread than arms sellers. We live together on this planet. Let us be one community; let’s assist and support each other in peace and love every dImageay and let our kindness ripple out to bless others.



Peace is our gift to the world



“Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.” 
Carl Sagan


Peace and goodwill are not just days or seasons; the Judeo – Christian teacher isn’t a ‘reason for a season’ as some promote.  Everybody wants to believe in peace and prays for it; some sing about, write about it; shout for it, parade for it and some die for it. Some believe peace will never come, some believe it will come when signs are met. Some work for peace, while others work to thwart it. But peace doesn’t start ‘out there’ with someone else; it doesn’t start with my neighbor; or work through a political administration; no, it starts much closer than that. It starts within.  The key lies within every one of us; peace starts with me.  


Peace doesn’t come to us; it never left: it won’t be found, it was never lost: Peace is intangible, it can’t be bought, borrowed, negotiated, traded or sold and will never be secured by a government; by threats and weapons. Peace isn’t a ‘when’ or a ‘then’ or found in in the writings of the ancient mystics. All the mystical writings point to the Way- but text is not the Way.  Way is core – is powerful – inexpressible.  


Today our perception of time is distorted. Today everything is imperative; everything must meet an impossible deadline; everything must be done faster- faster; now: tomorrow is too late.  In this millennia we live under the ‘rule of fear scarcity;’ when is there time to be a maker of peace, or think of making peace or even knowing a moment’s peace?  The Instant Generation wants it now; the instant generation doesn’t understand history; they want what they want and they want it now regardless of the price. They want action through drugs/poison; they take machinery and media for granted; they are into movement and loud noise; they listen only with ‘one ear.’ The music doesn’t allow them to listen to others or to even think. They are the devotees; the agitators and motivators’ of the pre-revolutionary- evolution – this coming chaotic creation of devastation.


There will come a time in the future when humanity will surge forward and remember life and recall the past when time was not measured by an abstract idea of hours; or conceptualized by names like Monday and January and humanity will recall that we looked to nature and kept time with the rhythm of the earth and some will remember that we are not just connected to it— but we are connected with it.  Many will remember that life – all of life is continuous movement, but today mankind is now so obsessed with the concept of instant. Everything must manifest almost instantaneously.   


Nation against nation, war and rumors of war are claims that bombard us daily, and frequently pundit’s claim humanity is living in the last days, but peace isn’t a then or when and will not manifest while man speaks harmful hateful words to one another and discusses unleashing weapons of mass destruction.  War and destruction are man’s doing; peace is also man’s doing.


Do we want to have calm, friendly tranquil relationships with our family, friends and neighbors? Do we truly want to be universally free of war?  If the answers to the questions are yes then we must look at and give up our own personal boundaries we have built: we must give up the narrow minded prejudices; our belief that silver and gold assures happiness. We are one heartbeat in humanity. Our peace is our gift to the world,  however success is not assured; peace cannot be achieved without co-operative effort. 

An incredible peace is waiting.



Here By Divine Appointment


A human being is a part of the whole universe; each of us was ‘called’ to play a role for a limited time and space.  Each of us is here for our time in the sun; for a cycle and a season to experience Self, to experience thoughts and feelings that are uniquely our own.  We are here to experience a Self that is different from all the rest of humanity, here to experience our own consciousness.  This is our inheritance, our birthright.

As human beings each of us is part of the whole universe, each of us portray a character in a dramatic play called life; each of us has a limited role in the drama occurring in time and space.

Everyone one of us was called here by some unknown force; everyone one of us was created in flash of blinding light; we are here to experience self; to think our own thoughts and feel our own feelings that are different from the rest of our fellows and here to free ourselves from history that occurred long before we drew breath in this life; a history of bondage and slavery; ultimately we’re here to embrace humanity in its diversity. We are here to grow. 

Each of us can say I am responsible to and for myself; I have free will to think my own thoughts and to express my own feelings. Each of us has residing inside an inner child that is always growing and exploring and knowing all aspects of Self and we are responsible for and to Self.  My only duty is to myself: Everyone has duty to self. 

Some people grow in one direction and feel duty bound to be a loving brother’s keeper while others become self-appointed watch keepers acting as if they here by divine appointment to be a spiritual security force.’  These watch keepers are fanatical religionists who live in a state of delusion; self-made prisons demanding conformity and uniformity. Always they condemn the personal lives of others who are different.

Fanatical religionists choose to close their eyes and ears to other viewpoints and choose to not understand the needs and affections of others who walk a different path. Millions of fanaticals choose to convene and connive to destroy the lives of others by creating a hostile climate and then promote myths/lies; such as ‘gays are diseased and gays demand special rights and gays are child molesters. They play the pseudo victim by saying gays are the enemies of faith and marriage and family. The ultra-fanatical religionist demands the death penalty for homosexuality. Where is their humanity: This is Christianity? 

We are not here to live out someone else’s religious doctrine  – their sense of reality or their frightening fantasies. 

People who care about each other do not convene and connive to demean and destroy the lives of others. People who care about each other do not approve or promote dehumanizing propaganda that demonizes others.  People who care about each other do not practice bigotry.

People who care about each other do not harass, persecute or torment others because they love someone of their same gender – someone who simply wishes to marry the person who fits best in their arms and heart and raise a family.

Intolerant bigots are like common thieves, they put out that spark of life in the eyes of the person we are supposed to call brother, sister; son, daughter: mother-father; … forgetting that we are one heartbeat in the universe, one family of humanity, that we are always a child.

Why is this so hard to understand?  You let a child, a woman – a man cry… deny their heart and want to die, live a life of dishonesty and despair just to please you and your oh so Christian Rules.

This is the Common Era, no one is owned. no one is another persons property. Why must another bend a knee and be humbled just to please you? Why should others strive to meet another person’s standards?  The beauty is of course … we don’t. Remembering our inheritance, we don’t need someone outside to define our wellbeing, our own happiness not at all, our happiness is a part of our own inner journey. we simply need to give ourselves permission to experience it and the joy of Spirit which is part of our heart and soul. We do not have to wait for or rely on another to define our life and the way we are to live it. We are already whole and complete.

As you go peacefully forward into your day please be gentle and kind and bear love with one another.


Men and women are not formulas; we are blood, bone and skin

Addressing conformity, privileges and immunities: Men and women are not formulas; we are blood, bone and skin.

We should noImaget fear the opinion that disagrees with us. If we insist on harmony in our society, we deny human nature and we also deny the potential of liberty to produce greater good. President John Kennedy reminded us “is the jailor of freedom.”


As the principle of liberty is better understood and broadly interpreted, another protest is made on behalf of Human Rights: Gender Marriage:  We cannot deny that we are all connected in some way. As a society we must be aware that very few GLBT have ever had a fair chance because society as a whole has disinclined to give them one.  We cannot deny love or happiness to anyone since they are instinctive. Neither happiness nor love cannot be defined or described and cannot be tasted, or touched but an intrinsic part of our well-being and vital to our reaching our full potential. Happiness is a state of well-being; contentment or a satisfying experience. Love and happiness are considered imprescriptible – i.e. they cannot be taken away since they are not derived from, or dependent on external authority.  

No one is above or below me. What is guaranteed is in the constitution and law which says there is no dominant or ruling class of citizen. We cannot accept or tolerate a class or caste society, we must respect civil rights for everyone. No one is above or below me. This is guaranteed. We cannot have different social orders of democracy.  Everyone needs to participate and bear responsibility in decisions that affect our lives.  There cannot be one member of society enjoying greater rights and power than others. We must continue to reach for a national goal of equality before the law.  We must continue to hold to the promise of equality and throw aside, knock down every barrier that would thwart this.

Society worldwide should welcome the opportunity to throw every barrier down; should lay open every path for Equality, for Human Rights. If this was done and men ceased their warfare against gender marriage we would see true and natural beauty as intended.  

Mankind has an ardent insatiable, eternal and invincible desire and passion for justice, liberty, freedom for equality. Since time began we have shown the natural instinct for freedom and liberty. All HUMANITY hungers and thirsts for it, we are willing to suffer for it if we’ve been deprived of it.  

I’m not asking anyone to believe what I do, but I believe in a divine energy that pervades nature; I believe there is only harmony in the universe; even in the heart of Man; some people believe they speak for God; No, mankind isn’t ripe for harmony, not yet but when he is both inwardly and outwardly ready for true freedom for everyone then true freedom for Mankind will then be acknowledged as a right and will not be grudgingly and unwillingly yielded as a concession.

As a GLBT friend and ally I believe that one cannot by right hold others in bondage; why should one member of society be held back and denied  privileges and immunities and be forced to conform your world of thinking; why? Humanity needs nurturing so that all may grow in heart and intellect; so that all souls may live freely and unimpeded so that all of us may continue to unfold.  Man was given such powers as our birthright, therefore society should make a clear pathway for everyone and work together to remove all barriers, compromises, hindrances.  The voice of dissent will always be heard on any subject, this is human nature. However for people to convene and connive to harm, kill, persecute and torment others is vile and evil and society has a right to protect itself from such people.

However I look for the good in everyone and want to believe that everyone is good enough and strong enough to love all beings from the fullness of their being.