Love is a shelter

  Typically Pro-life means support for bringing the human fetus to full term.  I’m expanding this meaning – to  support LIFE in all stages of the human experience.   In America we still live in a democratic society, an open society though this is changing and everyone  appears to be calling for censorship and restrictionsContinue reading “Love is a shelter”

Kumbaya my Lord_ People are dying_ My Lord

A voice from Haiti: “Gay people will curse our country And we already have enough curses.”  I just read a news article involving the death of two ‘presumed gay’ men at an anti-gay march in Haiti.  They were beaten to death by protesters demonstrating against proposed marriage equality legislation. Among the anti-gay marchers were religiousContinue reading “Kumbaya my Lord_ People are dying_ My Lord”


Summer stars, a circle before the fire, a rattle_ a drum, white sage, desert sage; Sacred sage, lavender and sweet grass_ a shallow bowl_   a white feather A cleansing fire_ the sweet smoke sending my message of Thanksgiving to the Creator  Earth is our home_ here we all immigrants and we live either as aContinue reading “Legacies”

Circling the Universe – Spiraling into Bliss

Circling the Universe Spiraling into Bliss Duduzile Zozo I recently read a news article regarding a young lesbian who was violently assaulted and murdered. At the crime scene authorities found that a toilet brush had been thrust into her vagina. This murder took place in Ekurhuleni, South Africa. I don’t want to let this story dieContinue reading “Circling the Universe – Spiraling into Bliss”