Facing Facts


Inspiring the World –

“Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.”

~ John Wesley

Mr Wesley also said that ‘we should be rigorous in judging

ourselves and gracious in judging others.’

 Fact: The LGBT population in US according to one study is 9 million people.

Fact: As a group, Evangelicals remain by far those most opposed to gay marriage in the US.

Fact: Government laws still that have roots in 19th century; prejudices are fueling 21st century hate, and writing discrimination into law moves society backwards. This is an open invitation to hate and intolerance.

Fact: There are still countries that enforce the death penalty for homosexuality as well as hanging, decapitation, stoning, imprisonment, flogging, improper burial; there is no political freedom or human rights.

I just now saw the recently released video that’s slamming what critics are calling the “homofascist monolith.” They are calling for a new “San Francisco earthquake” to shatter it. Well that certainly isn’t Christian. [The San Francisco earthquake and subsequent fire, in 1906, destroyed over 80% of the city and killed over 3,000 people]  We have seen images of ISIS throwing gay men off of roofs, and cliffs; and a California man recently proposed a law to kill gays with ‘bullets to the head.’

These put all anti-gay laws to shame but let’s look at other great shames as well:  In Alabama the KKK is publically siding with the State Attorney General in his vehement opposition to same gender marriage.

As we see there are senseless acts of violence around the world:  LGBT  people are targeted, assaulted and far too often murdered: LGBT Children and teens are taunted by their peers, beaten and bullied, pushed out of school, disowned by their own families, forced into marriage … and, in the worst cases, driven to suicide because of pressures caused by bullies.

Two years ago a friend of mine; a gay man of the cloth was kidnapped by a gang of men and held for three days in an apartment – these men sodomized him repeatedly with a broom handle and a beer bottle to teach him a lesson.

A Lesbian in Africa was gang raped by several young men [to cure her of her being a lesbian] then before they left one of them shoved a toilet bowl brush in her vagina.

This is evil.

“Creating safe and inclusive congregations for people who are LGBT embodies Jesus’ message that we are all one in Christ (Galatians 3:28). Such communities create transformational and, in many cases, life-saving experiences. As we work to better understand the needs of people who are LGBT, the best course of action is often to simply listen with an open mind and heart.

An authentic desire to support the needs of people who are LGBT will help all of us to discern the path ahead; we can build a ministry rooted in unconditional love — if we want to.

“It will take strong leadership from many people to make our communities safer and more inclusive place for ALL people including LGBT – It would be more productive not to dwell on theological arguments that are based in scriptural condemnation of things like same-sex practices; instead our dialogue should focus on the core Christian values; values such as love, compassion, grace, mercy, justice, unity and/or forgiveness.


Take One Breath ….

“Take one breath let it go… take another to be here and then take another to ask now what?”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Speed cancels out guidance. When we move in speed we are out of touch with ourselves and when we are out of touch with ourselves we burnout. We need to slow down and listen for guidance as my young friend did.

Image Speed cancels out guidance. When we move in speed we are out of touch with ourselves and when we are out of touch with ourselves we burnout. We need to slow down and listen for guidance as my young friend did. 

 A Pursuit of Happiness                      

By: Kyle Cecil – July 10, 2013

First off, I just want to say that this is a journey and everyone’s journey is and will be different and let me say that this isn’t easy by any means, it’s more about improving your way of thinking about your daily life and even maybe finding love, so here we go.

I began my journey to fully understanding myself and the reason why I’m here, my purpose for living if you will about two and a half months ago but one of the things I’ve learned during my journey is that you have to cut the negative things and people that bring you down out of your life or give them a lesser role to play in your life; I fight for LGBT/human rights and after so long of fighting for equality and constantly seeing a lot of negative stuff on my Facebook newsfeed it started to affect me in a way I didn’t think it would, I started to get a very negative outlook on everything. The other had to do with some of the people I interacted with, some were negative which didn’t help me in the least but yet I kept them around and let them continue to affect me in ways I didn’t realize they were affecting me. The other problem that was affecting me in a negative way is I was letting work take over my life which was stressing me out daily which didn’t help with the negative thoughts. Than there was family, when you feel like you have to always be here and there and you feel like you get no alone time to focus on yourself it starts to affect you in negative ways as well, even though its family it can still affect you in a negative way.

The things I’ve done along my journey of finding happiness is this; I don’t have many news sources on my fb newsfeed anymore and the people who are negative I’ve cut out of my life and I have like several uplifting and inspirational pages which has helped me, for the job part I’ve let it not affect me in like it has in the past and I’ve even been looking for a job that I actually can enjoy doing and that I can look forward to going to work, and for the family part I’ve learned that I need alone time and when I need it I take it because MY needs are just as important as anyone else’s but I have worked out a time to spend alone and a time to spend with family. But just doing these things I feel so much better than I have in years but though I’ve not found love yet I’m not focusing all my time and energy on that because if I just focus on me and making myself happy I believe love will come to me when the time is right.

I have always been told that you got to love yourself before anyone else can love you, the more I’m on my journey the more I believe this to be true, though loving yourself can sometimes be hard to learn to do it’s not impossible to do if you’re willing to look hard enough and deep enough inside yourself to find out what’s keeping you from loving yourself. We are and can be our own worst enemy but only dealing with our inner demons and insecurities will we truly find the problems and the issues that keep us from truly developing our spiritual side into what it can and is truly meant to be. Once the problems are found, which most of the time those problems dwell within ourselves, but by working to overcome those problems be it anger problems, trust issues, hard time forgiving others as well as ourselves, or just an overall bad outlook on life can you truly begin to understand and love yourself and get the most of what life has to offer.

One of the things I’ve learned on this journey is when it comes to finding love is don’t focus so much on finding love focus on yourself and self-improvements and do the things you love and enjoy doing, for example I love everything art and I’m very talented and creative in the arts so I’ve learned and have tried to learn as much as I can about my talents and all the different types of art and art related things that I can such as drawing, painting, flower arrangements, room decorating, writing but nothing really specific like stories but just writing like this piece here but now I want to learn about graphic art and photography to see how much further I can take my talents. And my other passion would be music, I’ve always wanted to learn to play the electric guitar so I started to practice with Motley Crue and Kiss music and my guitar skills daily get better and faster and I love it because I’m seeing one of my goals in life come to life right before my eyes. These are just two of my favorite interest but just spending time to do what I enjoy has made me enjoy my life more and just focusing on me more and others less has made a lot of worrying and stress I had before go away, sometimes you have to focus on you and your needs more and less on others or will and can lose yourself in the process.

Another way to improve yourself or your way of thinking is to face your fears, like for me one of my fears is I’m afraid of heights and I’m looking to overcome that fear because if I can face my fears maybe just maybe I can find a more inner peace than I have already, but my point is this; spend time enjoying your life and doing the things you’ve always wanted to do because we only get one chance to live so make it count and when you least expect it love will find you! But just find that happiness within yourself now that way that relationship will only add to that happiness and not be the main reason for your happiness. Look to yourself before someone else for your happiness.

I wanted to share my experience so far in my own pursuit for happiness and what I’ve done and what I am doing to find my own happiness in hopes that someone else might be able to take from my experience and use this to find their own happiness.