It’s winter. You’re a homeless youth living on the street.

Reality: For a gay youth living on the street there will be anxiety, isolation, tears, challenges, confrontations, depression, diseases, hardship, loneliness, poverty, violence. Self harm.  

The Importance of Diversity

Being Gay and Political Bigots

Political bigots call for hateful laws

And legislation denies LGBTQ

Existence and identity

Where are the stewards who stand

For Civil – Equal – Human rights?

Everyone is an immigrant on Earth

Everyone leaves footprints in the

Sand and legacies for the future

Each of us are intangibly


Humanity reminds us to teach

The Golden Rule – But immoral

Religious fanaticism divides

Humanity to keep Gays’

Oppressed – their life

Filled with distress

Prejudice and


No – not everyone enjoys equal

Rights- simple human rights

Are denied by political

Bigots and fanatical

Citizens who spawn

Hate chaos and


By law – in home and community

So many Lives are destroyed

My friends are denied

Justice, kindness

Love, peace, joy

And mercy

Instead they are treated

With intolerance – cruelty

By law: in home – community

Brutality and hate are

Supported – nurtured

Society closes its’

Eyes and ears

In pain our Gay youth

Seek relief in death:

Society Blinks – A child is lost

Mourned; but their

Cause of death


A mother gives birth but the Spiritual

Law and the greater community also

Are responsible for creating a

Healthy-giving living


Every child needs to feel accepted

Safe and secure, they need to be

Encouraged; they need inspiring

People around them to be the

Best they can be; children

Need to be told_ being

Gay is okay.

The Importance of Diversity

Rachel Wolff – 2013


Mr. President: A Title Undeserved Traitor: A Title Well Deserved

Mr. President, a title undeserved

A tyrant at best. A poor leader.
Now The subject of laughter…
You are a racist: A terrible joke
A disloyal American:
A traitor.

You fleeced America_
Americans. You deserve
The experience of life
Inside a prison cell.

For your Crimes Against Humanity
As traitor you deserve
Imprisonment, though it’s
doubtful you will ever
Know a moment in jail,
or a prison.

A Traitor_ a title well deserved

You thought of yourself as Emperor, ruling an empire_
Your Crimes Against Humanity.  Unconstitutional siding
With special interest Groups_ Erasing people_
Denying services, funds. For giving
Honors to wealthy friends _
Supporting A wealthy, feminine,
Patriarch _ and her Horrifying
comments regarding
Applauding taking a knee_

You walked away from a memorial.
Could not find it in your heart to
Honor a prisoner of war_ His
Grieving widow.

Mr. President: A title undeserved

Your friends_ the enemies of
America: Your actions  will be
forever remembered.

Your Disregard for Human Rights:
Extinguished the heart of
Democracy: Liberty.

So many times in so many ways
You devalued America, Americans
With your disrespect for Veterans:
Your Blatant disrespect for
Women: for gassing immigrants_
Threatening sonic sounds.
Which_harm the whales_
So many ways_ too numerous
to count.

Mr. President: A title undeserved

An antediluvian, hoary man, well past his prime
A bitter, cold and calculating, forbidding,man
Always angry, churlish, nasty.

Always grim, sullen,unfriendly.
Decency,honesty, kindness
Courtesy, diplomacy are
Foreign to your

Mr. President: A title undeserved

You’ve never shown one act of
Kindness_ a listening ear, a
Kind word_ An act of kindness
A light in the darkness_An act of kindness
Makes life sweeter, better
One healing touch to calms,
Comforts. Just one act of
Kindness_One simple
Touch: A Lifeline

As Mr. President_ A spark of kindness, a modicum
Of compassion; a tiny little flutter of generosity
Would have worked wonders_ A wreath for a
Veteran_  A smile for a child would have

worked wonders.

A Traitor, Disloyal to America. 
Mr. President_ A title undeserved.
The World sees the darkness in Your soul_
The World Sees Your crimes Against Humanity.
We will never forget …

how you betrayed us
degraded us.

Earlier today the President sent this tweet:

On behalf of @FLOTUS Melania and the entire Trump family, I want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! May this Christmas Season bring peace to your hearts, warmth to your homes, cheer to your spirits and Joy to the world. Tweet posted 3:32 PM – 28 Nov 2018

I cannot believe him. Everything  the administration has done has overthrown our ability to create a better, safer, and healthier environment.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that about 815 million people of the 7.6 billion people in the world, or one in ten, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2016.

(Almost all the hungry people, live in developing countries.)

Securing peaceful and inclusive societies is a necessary condition to that end,” said the heads of five UN agencies in their joint foreword to the report.

migrant caravan

Migrants who have made, or who are making the journey to the United States border in caravans confront increasing threats to their lives, liberty and security, United Nations independent experts said on Wednesday, calling for their full protection.

I think the following was in Trumps heart
As he sent his Christmas tweet….

I take great delight in the fact
I’ve given you trials, misery
And heartaches too. This
May depress your Spirits,
And bring chills to
Your bones.

But we don’t really give a shit
We live a life of luxury

We won’t offer you a place
At our luxurious table.
Or a place of refuge

From the Trump family …
To yours: We don’t
Really give a shit
What happens
To you.

Not even if you bleed, implore,
Or beg. There will not be a
Place here, for you to lay
Your thickheaded heads.

We Won’t offer peace
To your hearts. It won’t
Sway me. I do as I
Will and in my own

I just don’t give a shit…
Just go away.

By Rachel Wolff

What has Trump done? Exploited Hatred and xenophobia: 

“Experience shows that when armed forces are used to perform tasks that they are not trained to do, this usually leads to serious violations of human rights,” they stressed.

“Rather than fueling tensions with hate speech and threats, Governments should work together to tackle inequality – UN experts

Resources used: United Nations News.



Discrimination:We must All Tremble With Indignation


Old Sir, I heard a tale: Once upon a time,
during a dark time in our history
there was a man named Trump.
His motto- in his own time was_
“Always get even. When somebody
screws you, screw them
back in spades.”

Sir, was there ever a man named Trump?

The old Sir replied: Yes. Little girl.
I’ll tell you the truth.Trump was a
member of the fraternity of

  • NO-NO-NO’s.

The fraternity wasn’t exclusive.
Oh, no, my child, there were
many members of the, I No-
Nothing – I See Nothing –
I Hear Nothing

The old Sir continued: Little girl.
Truth be told: That man never
demonstrated benevolence,
decorum, dignity,
impartiality, respect,
warmth, morals.

—Little girl, this was a very dark time in
our history. Remember though, there
were many who believed
better days would come
… and so there was

There were many victories … won by many
People; Transgender, Bisexual, LGBTQ
people. Men and Women:

People of diverse color, faith and tradition.
People united; worked together. Equity was
Established, and we were led out of
that dark time

The dark time ended because love won.
Love always wins. It always has and
always will. Love your neighbor,
always give hope and
practice love.

If we all do this we will never
have such a dark time of
Trump. Not ever again.

The minute groups assemble for the specific purpose of organizing to establish a license to discriminate; the very essence of the concept of Justice is demeaned, cheapened devalued.

Discrimination is ugly: Discrimination means one person or group is deemed superior; and others are deemed insignificant.

Human Rights: When justice is denied, equity -fairness for everyone will be subjected to heightened or enhanced scrutiny.

Oppression and suppression is a threat to the universal concept of dignity.
Denying human rights is not only unpatriotic. It is terrorizing.

Denying anyone their human rights degrades the concept of justice.
Robs the the nation of domestic tranquility.

Rachel Wolff



Memory Holes

Memory holes: There should be no forgetting of those who committed a large part of their lives to serving others.

Brave Souls: We must give thanks to everyone who are serving in the military, or have served in the past. They were courageous – even if they served within the borders of the United States. Courage was demonstrated.

Service reshaped you in many ways. It is our shame that we do not always see beneath the skin. There are wounds one sees, and there are wounds we don’t.

What was given, or being given today speaks of the peace we enjoy today.

Your service gives us all another layer of protection:

Because of your commitment to protect what you felt was right, honorable and just, everyone enjoys a life of freedom and liberty. (though we are working on justice and human rights for everyone); we still enjoy the inviolable right to pursue happiness.

For those gone: You won’t be
erased. Forgotten.

For friends here, I’m
honored to be
your friend.

May you live long, and
May you live well.
national park service

Light Walkers, Brave Travelers

  • 12 killed in Thousand Oaks,
  • 11 killed in Pittsburgh,
  • 17 killed in Parkland,
  • 26 killed in Sutherland Springs,
  • 58 killed in Vegas,
  • 49 killed in Orlando,
  • 14 killed in San Bernardino –
  • the list continues.

We are not strangers. We need to take care of each other

as we find a path to peace and justice.

What comfort can we bring to the grieving? What words of comfort can be said to the family, friends left bereft because of another’s deliberate – senseless act of violence.

“You are a brave traveler, homeward to the eternal … 

A  light walker, walking into the light,

into the Bliss, your final destination.”

No. Our words will never touch another’s grief, pain, sorrow.

Somehow, though;  someone with enough determination will find the way to harm others.No law. No legislation will prevent  a raging person from his criminal intent. Someone will find a way… if not with a gun… a bomb… poison gas.

hands by candlelight painting

Life is Sacred. Our humanity is slipping away. 

It seems we have forgotten: Man has drifted afar.

When did we decide we no longer cared?

How long will we shut our eyes, our ears, our heart?

Earth School

Earth – A place we call home- Black Life Matters

A commentary regarding  

Slavery – Segregation – Abolition …


Think of the rivers of blood spilled by slave holders who became financial emperors

 White lives and Black lives –
Years of degradation
Privileges and Power
Men with whips

Terror and violence –
Men in chains
Profits and


Black life… Matters


 Think of the cruelties inflicted by distinguishable inhabitants on places on a map.

Slavery – Segregation – Years of degradation – 
Terror and violence –Chains and whips
Stolen Lives  – White lies
 Black life –Matters 

“To be a slave is to be owned by another person. A slave is a human being classed as property and who is forced to work for nothing. An enslaved person is a human being who is made to be a slave. This language is often used instead of the word slave, to refer to the person and their experiences and to avoid the use of dehumanizing language.”-*


It means that every aspect of your life is owned by another person. Your sweat – your tears – your breath is owned and owed. It means that your body- and your skills-talents can be traded – sold like merchandise on a whim or a choice. It means the roof over your head belongs to another; the food you eat is what is given; and the time you rise, eat and sleep are set by another.

 It means that those you make friends with – establish a family with – can be taken away… uprooted without notice.  An educated slave was esteemed, but considered as a threat –

 “Fearing that black literacy would prove a threat to the slave system — which relied on slaves’ dependence on masters — whites in many colonies instituted laws forbidding slaves to learn to read or write and making it a crime for others to teach them.” Sourced: Excerpt from South Carolina Act of 1740 

 A slave was … Branded: Marked permanently with a hot iron as identifiable property; traditionally used on cattle and livestock, as well as on some enslaved people, to show ownership.

Chattel slavery: A form of slavery, introduced by Europeans, in which the slave is treated as a piece of property, belonging to his or her owner, and has no rights; the slave is enslaved for life and his / her children are automatically enslaved too; chattel slaves can also be bought and sold just like cattle (from which the word chattel comes) 

Emancipation: The state of being set free, or granted rights equal to others who already enjoy them; the freeing of slaves from slavery. 

Segregation: Separating people, especially in the use of public facilities, employment, education, and housing; usually with a denial of political rights for the excluded group. – Information source: The Abolition Project.

It doesn’t matter if a slaveholder held one slave or a thousand… or if they were treated well or maltreated – they were still owned – and that person was unable to leave the property without a letter of consent.

The pictures below  tell the story better than words how fervent hate was/is; and how eager many people are to degrade one another….


Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Understanding what I’m saying…

The desire for segregation -discrimination  is alive – alert and stalking us…
this is still a part of our combined American history

Yes… my life matters… your life matters… but the topic of discussion is Black life and Black Life matters… As a White person I have no business equating my white life to the Black life of my friend. Working with him for several years on his family genealogy… I discovered many things…  Black life – matters; and there is so much work to yet to be done…

I feel the need to address and stress this point – Because freedom, liberty and justice is still tied to white power, and very few citizens understand the depth and breadth of our white privilege – our power – our white intolerance and injustice; and because we are gearing for another race war, and this frightens me.  

Is Black Lives Matter a hostile group? Conceivably – I don’t know for sure, yet.  Is it a group I want to form an alliance with? No, but I do share an empathetic understanding of the hostility and the cause of it.

When someone says yes… all lives matter – — in an effort to equate White life experience to Black life experience – only serves to deny the ongoing struggle and appreciation for their own Black identity and survival.


If I am wrong in what I wrote – speak to me about this …
Educate me… Please.