Mr. President: A Title Undeserved Traitor: A Title Well Deserved

Mr. President, a title undeserved A tyrant at best. A poor leader. Now The subject of laughter… You are a racist: A terrible joke A disloyal American: A traitor. You fleeced America_ Americans. You deserve The experience of life Inside a prison cell. For your Crimes Against Humanity As traitor you deserve Imprisonment, though it’s doubtfulContinue reading “Mr. President: A Title Undeserved Traitor: A Title Well Deserved”

Discrimination:We must All Tremble With Indignation

Old Sir, I heard a tale: Once upon a time, during a dark time in our history there was a man named Trump. His motto- in his own time was_ “Always get even. When somebody screws you, screw them back in spades.” Sir, was there ever a man named Trump? The old Sir replied: Yes.Continue reading “Discrimination:We must All Tremble With Indignation”

Memory Holes

Memory holes: There should be no forgetting of those who committed a large part of their lives to serving others. Brave Souls: We must give thanks to everyone who are serving in the military, or have served in the past. They were courageous – even if they served within the borders of the United States. CourageContinue reading “Memory Holes”

Light Walkers, Brave Travelers

12 killed in Thousand Oaks, 11 killed in Pittsburgh, 17 killed in Parkland, 26 killed in Sutherland Springs, 58 killed in Vegas, 49 killed in Orlando, 14 killed in San Bernardino – the list continues. We are not strangers. We need to take care of each other as we find a path to peace andContinue reading “Light Walkers, Brave Travelers”

Earth – A place we call home- Black Life Matters

A commentary regarding   Slavery – Segregation – Abolition … Think of the rivers of blood spilled by slave holders who became financial emperors  White lives and Black lives – Years of degradation Privileges and Power Men with whips –Terror and violence – Men in chains Profits and Trade –  Freedom Discrimination Black life… Matters  Think ofContinue reading “Earth – A place we call home- Black Life Matters”

End of The Watch

We are not strangers – We are brothers… “Remembering that we are all one, we pray today for our sisters and brothers in Dallas. And in every place on earth where there is pain. Where there is hurt. Where there is violence. Where there is hatred. Let our hearts unite together and enfold all people everywhereContinue reading “End of The Watch”

Caring for Earth

The earth and its people are irreplaceable and both are in our care. “Earth, who gives to us this food, Sun, who makes it ripe and good,  Dearest Earth, dearest Sun, We won’t forget what you have done.”  People are walking in darkness and the Earth Mother is crying out – asking all of usContinue reading “Caring for Earth”