Why are sexuality and atypical relationships an issue? 

There is a current worldwide bombardment of news that persistently links pedophilia and pathological deviant behavior to homoerotic sex and relationships.

 I do not understand the linkages or the argumentative opinions made by extremist fundamentalist who insist that same gender relationships are immoral.  This is but MANS’ dark reflection of our humaneness and the failure to see the wholeness, the holiness of humanity. Certain men elect to see only a part of humanness and call it wrong.    

Closets are for clothes; why should anyone erase their precious memories of awakening and finally accept and live their own sexuality?   It is not wrong to feel our own feelings; to express our own sexuality in our daily lives. It is no ones’ business how one dresses or interacts with others; or if a woman has a penis or a man has a vagina.

The world hungers and thirsts for civil rights, equal rights: human rights. Homophobic remarks harm everyone.  A homophobes’ recent reaction to same gender couples adopting children: “Children are harmed; society is harmed:” this is typical rhetoric from thoughtless rude homophobes proffering unsupported and opinioned statements.  Homophobic extremist, fundamentalist zealots and bigoted Episcopal and Roman priests are walking a thin line; playing fast and loose; they are playing a dangerous game.

Bias and bigotry do not promote the sanctity of life; how can they? Bias and bigotry deny it through aggravation and the provocation and promotion of discrimination.  How does demeaning others, encumbering and hindering other members of society lift morale? 

The ‘I’ is intangible: This is who I am: Being gay is not a sin. There is no need for cure or ‘healing; there is no sickness; no brokenness. The ‘I’ is the integral part of my identity; I know who I am and there is no other authority needed to define the way I express my sexuality. 

To warn a faithful flock about the seven deadly sins by using homilies from a pulpit is one thing, but battering the public with a barrage of judgmental statements and myths and lies is beyond reprehensible it is completely sickening. The biased, bigoted bullies who insinuate that marriage between same gender couples are deviant; indecent; must be stopped.

This must come to an end now! Their actions are deviant and indecent; shameful!  These bullies are hypocritical to the core of their being; there is nothing more indecent and shameful than their own insinuations! They elect to create chaos and mayhem; myths and lies which shows the depth of their corruption, confirms just how far The Church has deviated from its Judeo-Christian roots. How dare they tell others to go and sin no more? How dare they tell others to repent!    

Bulls in the halls of holy city: Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. The spiritual message has always spoken of acceptance and love: However today we hear blasphemous messages from the inflated egos of arrogant and vain men. And far too many responders to the new message of divisiveness have a penchant for tyranny and dictatorship. 

The holy bullies: Press releases from the walled city indicate how strong homophobia is; how vibrantly alive and thriving it is both inside and outside the walled city where prejudice is now a cardinal trait. Civil Rights are Inviolable; unbreakable unchallengeable untouchable they are also Imprescriptible; impossible to remove or violate/cannot be taken away.

Democracy continues to move forward and we must not thwart it.

Everyone’s voice is needed to remove the mea

nness, the prejudice and the vitriolic hatred of the GLBTQIA community which desperately needs additional global village voices to carry a unifying message of hope and support. So that everyone can live and move freely and be embraced for who they are.

We all stand on sacred ground: We are all sexual beings. The discovery and acceptance of one’s own sexual identity is priceless and no one should ever try to take this away, to try is morally evil. I stand on faith, and trust that one day the world will awaken to the understanding that we all stand on sacred ground.  We are all one: one people; indivisible.


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