We The People are from one and we are many

This book is an excellent resource for
Building Unity In Our Community

We The People, are from one, and we are many. We come from chains oppression and segregation_ diverse in heritage_ color, culture, customs and spiritual traditions yet we deserve to be seen as living breathing entities_not treated as a means to an end to a political agenda and party platform.

Unity in the community is necessary: We must be about building unity in our communities. We must be mobilizing community assets if we are to
restrengthen America. Remember. We are more than color, gender, sex, sexual identity, race, religious creed, dogma, or a bureaucratic statistic. We are one_ we are all sacred -We are all worthy.

The goal of the next president must be raising the level of humanity. The next president must fully understand that current politicians from both parties come firmly attached to enormous hidden sources of wealth, and the older politician will not easily give way – will whine, and throw temper tantrums and do everything within their power to cling to the old political way of getting things done.

All temper-tantrums must be quickly addressed and firmly quashed!

Power is addictive: Since the beginning of time money has bought political votes. Money buys (undeserved) enormous personal power and privilege. Over time, politicians become attached wallet to wallet. Attached to power, privilege, prestige.

If one person in a community is threatened- everyone is threatened: Therefor I want the next president to understand the necessity of meeting the needs of every citizen.

The Heart of America: I want my president to remain committed to forging ahead with discovering new and more effective ways that will bring bear the fruit of positive change to/for America and all Americans. Thus restoring neighborhoods and communities is more than just necessary-it is a vital component to the healing of the heart and soul of America.

Healing the heart America: Strengthen families and revitalize neighborhoods. The first classroom is the home. The first teachers are the parents: Healthy families teach respect for others. When we teach respect we affirm the inherent dignity and worth of every human being. When parents act responsibly children learn that everyone is responsible for their actions.

The next president must be utterly fearless: The new president will carry the burden of knowledge-understanding that ‘we are many… and we are one.’ The next president must have a strong inner wisdom: Understands this nation needs healing.

Uplifting Humanity To The Next Level:
The first order of business for our new president will be
to address the need for a national healing ceremony

The next president be able to demonstrate a wide range of emotions: Must demonstrate love, enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness, positive expectation. Must be optimistic- must have an innate desire to spread hope.

The next President must be one of integrity: A person who can show a modicum of inner joy and self worth. One who has a sense of humor. One who can share the warmth of their heart. Someone who understands the value of personal privacy, as well as understand our individual need for personal autonomy.

Spirituality vs Religious zealous: I prefer the next President have a spiritual background_ a faith that is broad in concept – a faith that has room for many perspectives. An inner faith that connects their human experience with mine.

Voting: It is our duty and responsibility to vote: I prefer that our next President understand that everyone has the right to be seen heard and understood. That everyone has the right to have their voice heard.

Peace: The next president must actively work to make peace a reality: A person who knows and understands the meaning and life and will celebrate that desire with us.

Personal Faith: Our next president must have faith in self, and our nation. And will leave office at the end of term with dignity and honor – assured that America is stronger, healthier – a knowledge the nation is better as a result of their leadership.

Voting: To vote is our duty, and responsibility and Pete Buttigieg has already demonstrated many of the innate leadership abilities necessary to heal America from the trauma and drama created by the current president.
He has my vote.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg with husband, Chasten


Published by Rachel Wolff

I am a Global Voice dedicated to promoting world wide equal rights, civil rights, human rights. I believe that Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

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