On The Hill

On The Hill  – The Don

In a dark castle sits The Don. A corrupt,  slothful, boorish king.

sitting alone in a dark room. Fondling his stash of hidden cash.

Thick saliva slowly drips from his mouth; a low guttural

sound comes  from deep in his throat.

He’s just realized the large numbers of dissenting voters.

A vindictive man – he has an evil thought. He plots, rages,

then roars an order. Then smirked in triumph.

His tweet sent: The Mitchman has his orders.

He knows what’s at stake.

“This will cause more chaos, disorder” He cruelly chortles: “

My fans love me. I’ve made their day”.


gold queen

An isolated queen sits alone in the royal tower, her long

slender fingers move slowly over the treasure chest

of colorful Jewels and dazzling diamonds.She hears

The Don rant and roar and sighs… 

‘Everything is always done this way.

His way.’

Clusters of rubies, citrine, and topaz catch her eye.

She broods over the news of the fire and brimstone woman,

Who publicized the taking authority over demons.

There’s a crackling in the air!  

Her blood runs cold.

Her flesh crawls.


There is a certain pastor.

politician preacher

Something, ruthless, deceitful about him.

Something is merciless about his prayers.


Alone in his chapel; the man in her thoughts

is pleased with his word choices, and what

they can accomplish. Words carefully

chosen to be demeaning, demoralizing,


Civility be damned, certain people must be purged. 

Yes, his words must be persuasive.

Convincing  words are necessary.

They need to terrorize….

There’s a memory of his father; a pain is felt near his

heart. But both memory and pain are Ignored.

He pushes all aside.I’m right.

The Bible tells me so.


Standing before a large ornate mirror a Pensive prince

contemplates his image. Arms outstretched….

plans for mike

He asks… “Mirror, mirror tell me quick, tell me true;

I must know: Am I the most impressive;

the fairest of them all?”

Silence is his answer. 


The angry, violent NazTi Boys: The newest gang of

thugs in town are heard. They’re loudly tromping

their way up the hill.

Will The Don welcome them at the door?

Will they be wined and dined? Will invitations

be extended to attend upcoming  events to

religify Organizations …


Religious Freedom: License to discriminate their goal:

The laws must be changed.

They say, To keep America

on The Right Track. They

say. To retain traditional

Christian values. They


The Don sits back and







Published by Rachel Wolff

I am a Global Voice dedicated to promoting world wide equal rights, civil rights, human rights. I believe that Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

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