The Dark Days – The Betrayal


The Dark Days – The Betrayal

The Petulant Prince in his Palace of Malice, where they’re all as mad as hatters
The Donald sits on his throne, working at his powers. Early on_ Trump and Co
Were likened to circus clowns once they came into office the clowns quickly
Wiped off their makeup and went rogue after ripping off their clown
Suits revealing their cunning nature and alarming schemes
For America and Americans
The last laugh was reserved for America and Americans
Everyday it’s absolute madness at the Palace of Malice where the Petulant Prince
Resides: The place where they’re all a bit mad: Bannon has his penchant for
Fascism: and The Donald with his tyrannical nature. Banning refugees,
Banning criticism of his plans: It’s plain to see that Spicer’s beginning to
Show signs of being under duress, while Kellyanne is; simply
Being true to her shrewish self; spinning yarns as fast as she
Can. Yes it’s quite clear to one and all, they’re
All as mad as hatters
Donnie’s believes that if he shouts long enough people will take heed
Of his temper; and Pence and Ryan lurk and smirk.
In that hot bed of insanity it would be ridiculously crazy to allow
Unexpected visitors within the White House walls, and no
Child should ever roam those halls alone!
Inside the Petulant Palace… even a little spark of kindness, a modicum
Of compassion; a tiny little flutter of generosity would really work
Wonders. But workers face the ire of the Petulant Prince;
‘Women are to dress like Women,’ though there was no
Mandate given of how the men should dress,
Bannon has yet to wear his fascist armband, but that’s
A story I’ll leave it for another day.
Each day, the press riles his temper but the Prince of Petulance has the
‘Midas Touch; which has earned another title as the Prince of Publicity
Unite to win and divide and Conquer is his best game; when all is said
And done, but perhaps his best title would be: the King of Controversy
There have been zero days the news hasn’t pointed out that the Petulant
Prince’s fiery temper hasn’t caused yet another national embarrassment:
There hasn’t been even a spark of kindness, no mention of compassion;
Or glimmer of generosity which would work wonders: But no! Since
Day one it’s been; this is my house! My rules: my call;
Yes, you can all go to hell! Creating alternative facts is done under my
Rule: It’s my job to build walls, to stop the world, to shut out terrorist:
So go ahead, defy me, I’ll only devise another way to create more panic
Leaving Bannon in the White House with his White Supremacy ideas
Perhaps will ultimately bring down both the King of Controversy
Along with all of his other Rightly Religious and fascist friends
The prince of petulance holds the key to nuclear power; yes, there’s
More than a small dose of madness in the family that’s settled into the
White House: once considered the hallmark of democracy
Now it’s a dark house; a dead house.
These are the days of the dark; this is a story of betrayal
From Day One, he spread ignorance and negativity; not a day
Goes by that he threatens everyone; no one is safe. No one!
Every day the White House inhabitants appear to look
More like the walking dead; except for Pence and his
Smirk and Bannon with his somewhat cunning smile;
As if he alone knows the real reason why Trump
Is so livid, and why each member of Trumps
Family look like death warmed over.

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