Caring for Earth

The earth and its people are irreplaceable and both are in our care.golden earth

“Earth, who gives to us this food,

Sun, who makes it ripe and good,

 Dearest Earth, dearest Sun,

We won’t forget what you have done.” 

People are walking in darkness and the Earth Mother is crying out – asking all of us to show more compassion and understanding; it’s time for us to re-gather to share our common wisdom and show respect to the Earth Mother, to its people and cultures.

You and I share this planet, a home that was created for us but the lands are being spoiled by greedy and power hungry men and there is only a minuscule of peace and harmony between nations, and little or no love between family, friends or neighbors.

The Earth Mother carries the burden of eleven billion people; and many hearts are hard and cold.

Around the world laws and legislation’s are being created which limit the liberties and freedoms of many of its citizens; and many people are disillusioned and disheartened because the once sacred teachings of love, respect, courage, honesty, humility, wisdom and truth are being set aside; forgotten or no longer practiced and many of the teachings are being distorted and the Earth Mother herself is being violently ravaged – violated and we must find ways to alter the course of this dreadful path.  We must find the way to re-create the dream and the vision of health wellness that has always been a part of our common history.

In every conceivable way we touch millions of lives, the lives of those near and far for better or worse… this means that we must take personal responsibility for our words and our actions; we can no longer foul the air by saying hurtful things about others and behaving in ways that are harmful to our families, neighbors and the earth.   Our combined voices can bring hope if we stand together and share our common wisdom and show respect to the Earth Mother, to all people, creatures and cultures.

… Dearest Earth, dearest Sun,

We won’t forget what you have done.” 

Each day something beautiful awaits us, so walk softly on the warm earth, take time to see the beauty around you, enjoy the gentle things of life. Walk slowly on the path. Take time to enjoy the space between the stars and the stones; enjoy the night journey of the lady moon and the rising of the sun, enjoy the show of winter, the spring rains; the summer breeze and harvest moon, they are here to relieve our weariness.


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