What do you want to see in 2014?

What do you want to see in 2014?

Perhaps a better question would be… what are you capable of and willing to do in 2014 to bring about the needs that you see that are most important to you? For myself I feel that we need to work harder towards bringing peace, harmony and love for all people.

We cannot ignore history – Most importantly we cannot continue wasting energy or time giving ignorant people publicity. We must not work in splinter groups, each doing our own thing. We must find the energy to move forward and to do this we need to continue to organize as we did for the million people march. We need to look forward not backward, we need to look up, not down. Look at our friends and our allies who are consistently there. We need to forge new friendships and make new allies.   

Humanity cries out for comfort, forgiveness, healing, love, patience, joy, guidance, friendship. We need kindness. We need all these in our lives more than we need to be told we are damned and sinners.  We need healers and makers of peace not critics and censors. We need humanitarians. We need kindness; otherwise we are going to continue to move from this darkness into a darker darkness.  No matter what we see and hear from the news media this is the Age of Aquarius. This is the age of increased spirituality and harmony.   This is destined to be the age of ‘holiness and agreement. ‘

We need more break more bread with each other. We need a lot more truly holy men far more than we need little tin gods.  We need light bearers making peace – not just envisioning peace. We need makers of peace to ensure harmony throughout the world. We need ‘lovers’ who call to say “I can help bake bread.”

We need helpful people in our lives to be there to lift us up when we are down. We don’t need tin gods trying to tear us away from our basic security, our family. Children are the future and we must work together to make a clear pathway for them: all children worldwide.

 Human rights are human rights and we must stand up for them. What they need now is help through laws and legislation that will not violate their constitutions.  All children need allies and friends and leaders and policymakers who will protect, listen and represent their needs issues and not promote stigmatization and prejudice.  Lawmakers, policymakers’ movers and shakers, one and all need to act with both reason and evidence and recognize equality and human rights and work to outlaw discrimination, period. Everyone should want laws that will protect every citizen, not harm them. Everyone should work together to make a secure place in the future for the children: Children are the future and we must work together to make a clear pathway for them, all of them and this must, absolutely must include GLBTQIA. 

Archbishop Desmond Tutu said “Let us come together and be one; let us be people of peace; let us be people of harmony.” His words should be a reminder to all of us that our personal world is ours to shape, that as individuals we should gather together to work for peace; even as a private individual we are ambassadors to the global community and we have a responsibility to be a person of peace. 

As a person of peace we have the responsibility to listen to each other; to learn from each other; to share our knowledge with openness, honesty and kindness. Being an ambassador of peace is a great responsibility but it must be done; we need more bakers of bread than arms sellers. We live together on this planet. Let us be one community; let’s assist and support each other in peace and love every dImageay and let our kindness ripple out to bless others.



Published by Rachel Wolff

I am a Global Voice dedicated to promoting world wide equal rights, civil rights, human rights. I believe that Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

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