Circling the Universe – Spiraling into Bliss

Circling the Universe
Spiraling into Bliss

Duduzile Zozo

Earth School

I recently read a news article regarding a young lesbian who was violently assaulted and murdered. At the crime scene authorities found that a toilet brush had been thrust into her vagina. This murder took place in Ekurhuleni, South Africa.

I don’t want to let this story die – Duduzile Zozo deserves to be remembered.

Fact: Lesbians across the globe have suffered much … some have been violated and murdered just as this young woman.

Fact: We are all more than a name and a gender … at our birth we are committed to a gender identity and allocated a series of numbers by bureaucrats. At our birth we become a statistic; the time of our birth is recorded as well as our size and weight, as well as blemishes and the color our skin and hair, and footprints are taken: this is society’s desire.  The child cries but no one pays attention; a child has no voice, even the parent forgets  – and society has forgotten that each a part of the whole.

We are One Humanity and we are all sacred born.

Society frowns at blemishes and imperfection.

Society is quick to judge, label and discard.

Society wants and seeks perfection

Since time began children have been tossed aside- abused, abandoned – forgotten. Society has often mistaken our fear for anger and our rebellion for our yearning to be accepted.

Society has forgotten that we are sacred born, that we are here to unfold, to show the world the splendor of the inner- the real me.  If I say this is who I am then society calls me names and tells me I cannot express myself as I was born.

Society has forgotten that we are one and we are all sacred born.
Duduzile did not deserve what happened to her in her final hours.

No woman deserves this. Duduzile was born a lesbian. She was not cursed and she was not a sinner; she was not broken and she did not need curing!

Shoving a toilet bowl brush into her vagina after raping her was insanely cruel and vicious.

She had every right to be seen and heard, she had the right to life, liberty and security of her own person. No one should ever be subjected to torture as cruel and inhuman or degrading treatment as she was.

It is important that Duduzile’s attackers are found and brought to court and pay for their crime; what was done once can be done again. Was this was an act of terrorism against the GLBT community? Was this attack intended to send a message? I don’t know. But it was intentional and rational at the time and the entire act caused Duduzile great fear and did intimidate local GLBT community as well. That toilet brush wasn’t inserted into her vagina by her own hands, by her own free will.  She did not consent to this.  This woman was brutally and horribly taken by force. Consider that a man has a bat thrust into his anus — in both instances this is considered as a vile and vicious brutal assault, this is not sexual intercourse.

The attack on Duduzile involves the Force of Will by at least one person, possibly more; [theory probably] more.  What is rape?

I wanted to know the history of rape since I’m not exactly convinced the police department of the Ekurhuleni Township is going to pull out all the stops to look for suspects; homophobia is probably alive and well in Ekurhuleni as it is all across the globe. For this we can thank the radical religionists from the East and West for their harmful propogadisizing against the GLBT people.

The word rape “…originates from the Latin verb rapere: to seize or take by force. The word originally had no sexual connotation and is still used generically in English.  The history of rape, and the alterations of its meaning, is complex. In Roman law, rape, or raptus was classified as a form of crimen vis, “crime of assault. The concept of raptus was applied to the abduction of a woman against the will of the man under whose authority she lived, and sexual intercourse was not a necessary element….”

I’m certain that she was forced to experience ‘corrective rape’ which is a hate crime against GLBTI — a hideous crime where both men and women are sexually assaulted in a terrible effort to strip them of their sexual or gender orientation.

Tis is an extremely horrific act of violence – a demeaning act leading to trauma; and/or; mutilation and or possible/probable STD transmission.
I hold to the hope that the local GLBT community will continue to work to help people move forward to evolve, to grow and change to see GLBT people for who they are: People: Kind and gentle and loving people who love another of their same gender that’s all.

We are more than a name, a gender … Our mortal lives are the continuation of a female and a male. We are the lawful_ rightful heirs of a legacy of an ancient union formed from a rib bone, a body.  We are enveloped in a cloak of skin_ endowed with a mind; spirit and soul.

Duduzile – your beginning began when you left the womb of darkness and silence behind you to walk under the sun, the moon and the stars to leave your footprints in the sand. You were more than a size and a weight … a statistic … Today you are remembered as being sacred born.


On wings outspread

Soaring, spiraling

Flying free

 Spiraling into


Spiraling into


Published by Rachel Wolff

I am a Global Voice dedicated to promoting world wide equal rights, civil rights, human rights. I believe that Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

One thought on “Circling the Universe – Spiraling into Bliss

  1. Dear Rachel,
    thanks a lot for your post. Only consciousness may prompt social change and hence equality, respect and the joy of life in common.
    Another feature to honour Duduzile and turn her death into a trigger for counsciousness:

    Cheers and love,

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