Penal Popes


Pope Bennie arrived via Twitter Twaddle: The first Tweet started with a welcome followed by a standard greeting ‘Dear friends and noted his pleasure of making a connection via Twitter. Offering thanks for a generous response and blessing to all from his heart.

Poisonous Ponderings: Hopefully in the near future there will be a prophylactic protection against them and their poisonous opinions. A condemnation against commandments; against condoms! What popish foolishness, we need prophylactic protection from these penal popes. Can’t we hurry science along to create a guard against them? These Popes and their Bull-Pals spend more time focusing on the penis and vagina far than any previous popes so I’m guessing that celibacy is wearing pretty thin; are the Bulls rumbling in the Popes Pen?

Everyone knows the Pope and his Bull-pals are under fire worldwide for their conservatism and hiding their pedophilic priests and for condemning condoms. However it is sad that popish twaddle gains praise for their extreme rigidly religious for their antiquated ant-gay opinions.The Chief Bull issues continue to lose ground with women; known issues relating to contraceptives; condemning contraceptives and women’s limited roles in the RC church.

Tweet Crisis Hotline: We need a Tweet Crisis Hotline to report Bull-pal Pedophilia: This should be added to his speed dial feature since the Pope is now on Twitter. Note: his popish self doesn’t actullay tweet, one of the Bulls in his Bull Pen is in charge of that.

Re-Tweets: The Chief Bull’s re-tweets rival those of the most popular pop stars: Perhaps we should have a Tweet-A-Prayer by the Pope? Maybe this will soon be the latest trend in Popedom. Perhaps we’ll soon have Tweet – A – Mass too, Sweet Jesus, why not? This would certainly be a blessing to one and all: you know how it is; so many people are busy trying to survive the day; busy with the demands of trying to find good work; families worrying about health insurance and bombs being dropped; riots and spy’s, you know those every day chaotic world events that worry everyone, yet not the pope, he’s give awards to people who promote hate Bills designed to kill Gay People. Hmm! This says so much about your humanitarianism – you are indeed without a heart – besides being a popish fool!!!

Tweet Watchdogs: Tweeters uncover and discover the cover ups of child rape and other hideous crimes hiding in that Old Bull’s pen. Yes: let’s push the Pope for his Popish Ideals: Let’s see if Tweet- A- Prayer or Tweet –A- Mass will come down the pike. I’m for this, aren’t you; this will limit Bull-pal access to youth! Yes! Lets’ remove access to Bull-Pal Pedophiles, oh dash and damn that won’t work, I forgot – we can’t have Tweet-Confessionals! On the other hand Tweeters can push for more GLBT acceptance by the Chief Bull via Pope-Tweets.

Tweet Assumptions: The announcement by the Secretary General of the UN that ‘Anti-gay laws are unconstitutional may have sparked the Chief Bulls’ relatively low key communication. Yet the Chief Bull and Bulls in the Pen remain silent: Sweet Jesus this is a silence that screams so loudly. Why not standup and admit to the gross Human Rights abuse involving that hate filled bill pending in the Ugandan Parliament.

Oh Sweet Tweet: The ease of a woman’s life today: Women have that marvelous appliance called a washing machine which according to Pope Bennie was the greatest gift to women since sliced bread! Really!? You popish fool – A woman’s greatest gift? You really are a foggy minded gray-haired Bull. Right off the bat I’ll opt for Women’s Right to vote and for a tiny little battery operated personal pleasure appliance called a vibrator.

Holy History: The holy seers must begin to think of married priests and widening views and noticing what is really happing and work with what is really happening – AND accept what is really happening. Surrender is not giving power to someone else, surrender is about letting go of the past. We do not live in the then – we live in the now. Holy Crusades against what we do not understand proved nothing in the past nor do they today; this is the Common Era of 2013.


July Update: Pope Francis Pope Scope: Introducing Pardon for Sins Bingo ‘for following Pope Francis on Twitter – Just for following his utterances you have just won the chance for time off in purgatory’ “Follow Him” on via twitter tweets and the Papal court handling pardons for sins says contrite Catholics have the chance to win ‘indulgences’ by following World Youth Day on Twitter.

Oh… yes, we must save the children from hearing about GLBT equality and liberties. Let’s keep everyone occupied elsewhere.

I’m sure the papal court will not consider my name or time … dash and darn, I just blew another chance for time off for good behavior. Sorry St. Pete – I will try to do better. Honest.

Published by Rachel Wolff

I am a Global Voice dedicated to promoting world wide equal rights, civil rights, human rights. I believe that Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

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