Warning: Hate Spoken Here

The Vatican should issue warning Labels: Hate Spoken Here: Statements from the Vatican follows RightWing thinking; continuing the myth that that gay marriage is destroying the essence of the human creature:  Hmm. Manipulating Nature, hardly. What is the Vatican doing? Doesn’t the Vatican manipulate the essence of humanity by teaching people to fear god? ThisContinue reading “Warning: Hate Spoken Here”


A temple made with timber and nail By man’s hand is a meeting place A teaching place but malicious Men have betrayed both ‘My House and My Children’ Flashy pulpit predators with clouded minds Confuse people, break trust, and destroy Lives;’ break hearts: The pampered and Privileged stand high – looking down Their speech speaksContinue reading “PULPIT PREDATORS”

I’m as fierce as a Fire Dragon and Tender as an Angel

Sweetpea’s Garden Addresses religious Prejudice and social   Injustice   I’m as fierce as a Fire Dragon and Tender as an Angel I honor those who love us For this is right ‘n just, but I scourge those mad men The monsters who tell Myths and lies and And pray that My friends Die WeContinue reading “I’m as fierce as a Fire Dragon and Tender as an Angel”

A Portrait in Tyranny

Danger Alert: A warning issued by The Freedom Federation; in defense of marriage.  Lead to polygamy, civil war and destroy family values. America is out of touch with its morality: The two-page letter ends with the warning not to test the groups by legalizing gay marriage. Seven pages of anti-gay conservative Christian’s [200] signatures endingContinue reading “A Portrait in Tyranny”