The last hurrah? No a lesson learned.

Last summer I made a decision to buy condoms to send to my son and his partner who live in another country where condoms and lube are both extremely expensive and in very short supply. I’ve never bought condoms in my life. I am a great grandmother of 70 standing in the aisle at theContinue reading “The last hurrah? No a lesson learned.”

Uganda: Preserve Liberty – Promote Freedom: Equality

Oh, Uganda: Preserve Liberty – Promote Freedom: Equality: Gays Have the right to live Stop: Stop the hate, stop it now Oh, Uganda, death is a sacrifice that denies the integrity of the law itself. Calling for death promotes hate instead of encouraging freedom and liberty. The Law denies the word of g-d when theContinue reading “Uganda: Preserve Liberty – Promote Freedom: Equality”

Warning: Hate Spoken Here

The Vatican should issue warning Labels: Hate Spoken Here: Statements from the Vatican follows RightWing thinking; continuing the myth that that gay marriage is destroying the essence of the human creature:  Hmm. Manipulating Nature, hardly. What is the Vatican doing? Doesn’t the Vatican manipulate the essence of humanity by teaching people to fear god? ThisContinue reading “Warning: Hate Spoken Here”