The last hurrah? No a lesson learned.

Last summer I made a decision to buy condoms to send to my son and his partner who live in another country where condoms and lube are both extremely expensive and in very short supply.

I’ve never bought condoms in my life.

I am a great grandmother of 70 standing in the aisle at the big Wally’ World big box store looking at condoms … reading labels; finding the description on the box very-very interesting, informative as well as very confusing, and I’m trying very hard to avoid looking at the people looking at the gray haired grandma who is picking up every box and reading all the information with ardent attention to the details on the labels.

What do I know? I’m trying to make up my mind. Hmm, shall I buy this one or this one, or this one? I eventually made up my mind and then moved on to the ‘lube.’ I carefully opened the packaging of two brands and then decided on one each.

I spent an hour reading and sweating and wishing that all the people in the aisle would stop looking at me, or ask if they could help me. Or just go away and leave me alone because I’m beginning to sweat, but I am not giving up.

I promised my son and I have money.  Hubby doesn’t criticize my LGBT advocacy, but he is definitely old school and would simply not understand my reasoning in buying these items, especially for someone who lives in another country, so to keep this my secret I have cash -$40.00.

My final decision made: three boxes of condoms and two bottles of lube.

The next part of my adventure is the checkout line – I hoped for a quick checkout, but no luck, again I had an audience and the cashier definitely eyed my gray hair and grinned and I smiled sweetly, still sweating but I smiled sweetly him.  I heard noises behind me:  The man behind me was grinning from ear-to-ear and I’m not sure what he thought- well perhaps he thought I was going to a swinger’s party, or planning on one last hurrah!!! and he was most likely thinking ‘Way to Go Grandma!  I couldn’t tell him that I was a great-grandmother. I just kept my mouth shut and paid cash for my purchases and left.

The last adventure was the post office and dealt with the customs form. I was to write a detailed and itemized declaration of the contents of the package.   Well what the frick, I wasn’t prepared for that.

My handwriting became very shaky but the clerk never batted an eye and accepted what I wrote. [The most patient of people could not have identified what I wrote] and I swore to her that nothing illegal  was being shipped. The cost of mailing the package to my son by another mother was over $10.00.

Three weeks later I get a message from my son… the package arrived covered in “Support Obama” stickers.  Who put those on this package? I didn’t and I’m sure the US customs department didn’t – so how come the package was covered with them?

I do not regret buying the condoms, not at all. I want my adopted son and his partner to be safe.

The entire shopping expedition was a valuable personal lesson. First – I learned a lot about myself;  I’m old school after all  and felt embarrassed by something I should not have been embarrassed about at all. I had not expected to be embarrassed I thought I was more ‘cool.’

I’m still learning; an ally always has to be willing to learn if they want to be strong ally.

I’m still learning … still learning.



Uganda: Preserve Liberty – Promote Freedom: Equality

Oh, Uganda: Preserve Liberty – Promote Freedom: Equality:
Gays Have the right to live Stop: Stop the hate, stop it now

Oh, Uganda, death is a sacrifice that denies the integrity of the law itself. Calling for death promotes hate instead of encouraging freedom and liberty. The Law denies the word of g-d when the law denies the right to speak. Hate with ignorance binds men to promote an antiquated law. No, our death is not about curses, evil; homosexuality, lust or perversion, pedophilia; an unstable mentally. Our deaths and imprisonment is not obeying spiritual law; it is destroying Democratic Law. Spiritual and Democratic Law says all men are to be treated with humanity: there is something wrong, so terribly, terribly wrong in stifling kindness, mercy, and love. Yes, our deaths – imprisonment and torture will rest on the shoulders of the blind and deaf; not the ignorant; but those who choose not to see; those who manipulated and pervert the text of the ancient laws. God made us all, and loves us all the same. Just because I am gay shouldn’t change. I’m the child my parents nurtured.

EDUCATION: PEDOPHILIA is wrong, immoral and harmful Homosexuality is not a perversion, a curse, a wrong thing or evil. Education is needed: The Judeo – Christian teachings are represented by sages who enlighten, comfort and forgive and the fool who damns dooms and condemns. It is evil to stifle kindness and instill fear and only a man with a fool’s heart. The fool’s heart stirs up ire and discontent against everyone. The fool’s heart is full of illegitimate and desperate, discontent schemes to thwart the dreams and hopes of millions and conveniently forgets the promise of Democracy – forgets that Democracy is for everyone and should never be put aside. We cannot join his foolishness, there is no satisfaction there. Equality is not just for a select few but everyone. Everyone must enjoy full freedom, and equality.

Rachel Wolff



The longest journey man takes is the one from his head to his heart.

What are human rights?  Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and personal disapproval, even society’s disapproval, is no excuse to arrest, detain, imprison, harass or torture anyone – ever. We must speak up


Regarding Terrorism: The end goal is of terrorism regardless of the reason is to inflict fear. “When you kill one… you kill ten thousand.”  Have you witnessed men being hung while young children watched? ’Have witnessed a woman being stoned to death? Have you seen a headless body? Have you seen the face of someone burned with acid? Have you?   Do you know the reasons behind the horrifying deaths? I have and I do.


Care and compassion for humanity have always been the cornerstone; the basic foundation of all the guardians of humanity of the past; they have brought us to this time and will see us into the future. Care and compassion call us, call us together. We must come together, we must move beyond the isolationist view that what happens outside of the borders of the United States is ‘their’ problem why should I care or help. We must look beyond our nose; beyond our neighborhood and community; beyond our state and country. This is a world-wide imperative.  The street terrorism and violence witnessed on our own streets in ANYTOWN USA is only a small echo of a worldwide problem. The world is in pain.


The worldwide threat of violence is very real, everyone must speak up, everyone must demonstrate their belief in humanity, must give evidence of their care and compassion. Everyone must be a voice of support to rally the world to help others fight for their rights; it is our right, it is our responsibility. Without a voice of support there is no hope. Where there is no hope conditions will never change.


We must stand shoulder to shoulder determined and strong; that our AGE will not be the AGE of dreaded terror but one of continuing honor, justice and liberty here and around the world.  We must court courage and hope.


Rachel Wolff 

Warning: Hate Spoken Here

The Vatican should issue warning Labels: Hate Spoken Here: Statements from the Vatican follows RightWing thinking; continuing the myth that that gay marriage is destroying the essence of the human creature:  Hmm. Manipulating Nature, hardly. What is the Vatican doing? DoImageesn’t the Vatican manipulate the essence of humanity by teaching people to fear god? This is not revering God how can this be; the Vatican teaches their followers to despise for their differences. This sets a dangerous trend for others to follow.  This sets a trend for persecution the continuation of GLBT abuse. 

 Papal Terrorism: The Vatican has sacrificed the sacred; the essence of humanity. They don’t call for acceptance or even tolerance; their silence condones harassment and humiliation; imprisonment and death. The Vatican position denies men sovereignty of their own unique beingness. The Vatican position has decided to deny uncommon relationships in nature; the Vatican decision teaches people to fear god; not revere; teaches people to despise others for their differences. This sets a dangerous trend for additional abuse. The Vatican message does not embrace the whole world. Their message presents a picture of an intolerant god. The Vatican is guilty of redefining the nature of humanity; their message of ‘peace’ does not speak of peace for all; the Vatican does not appreciate the vulnerability of the heart.

 Everyone must understand their words. Do not misunderstand what is said: Papal Terrorism is a clear and present threat and should be resisted.  Malicious words are an injustice on to every mindful mortal who cares for others:  Mankind has dominion overall, not domination, do not confuse the two words. 

Hate: The freedom of speech the most revered freedom, a right that everyone should fully appreciate and understand a precious right that must be respected; preserved.  This freedom extends to everyone to freely verbally, harass, and humiliate individuals or groups based on their sexuality.  Hard line religious groups take full advantage of the freedom using it  as an assault weapon to wage an all-out war against the Gay Rights Movement.   

 Hateful, hurtful words are used as assault weapons against the GLBTQIA community. Statements so carefully crafted; they barely skirt the law yet they achieve a desired outcome by igniting negative homophobic reactions both nationally and internationally.  The outcome of their work: Maim and destroy the work being done by the gay rights activists as they move forward on the quest for worldwide equal rights; human rights.

 The outrageous statements are not only inflammatory they border on lunacy!  Fear the devil? Why should anyone fear the devil when we have the masters in the art of coercive indoctrination spewing their hateful lunacy?  Instead of showing respect and reaching out and building trust their idiocies promote fear and hate toward the GLBTQIA community: Because two people of the same gender want to marry; they want to live a life free from persecution: They want equal rights: the right to be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.

 Leading names on the of Rightwing Hatewatch list include Brian Fisher, Tony Perkins and Brian Brown each one is well known and well documented for their bizarre and treacherous statements.

  •  Fanatical lunacy; ‘same gender marriage paves the way for the Anti-Christ;
  • same gender marriage could break the nation apart; shun gay family members; blood will flow if___: mass resistance; revolutions and revolts.
  • Dangerous idiocy: ‘abduct children of gay parents.
  • Ghoulish madness: ‘roundup the gays and lesbians and place them behind electrified fences until they die out.’
  • Outrageous idiocy: ‘create ignorant and unbelievable off the wall myths and lies. 

Since fear closes the mind and hate poisons the nervous system how does dangerous lunacy and madness favor freedom, family, life, and religious liberty? 

Life is filled with choices and the homophobe could give hope to millions by being voices of peace and understanding; they could show themselves as true leaders: they could be voices of inspiration and promote equality. Instead of giving people the ability to roam the sky they are binding them to the earth. Where are the spiritual precepts of dignity and respect for all people regardless of race, creed, color or gender or sexual identification?   Fear closes the mind: Hate poisons. These homophobes are posed in carefully staged settings showing flags and the symbols of justice and liberty claim their cause  as  saving their country, yet their dangerous and fanatical idiocies are heard in Africa the Middle East and other countries; why? 

Logic and reason must prevail: Same gender marriage is not calamitous! What is calamitous is their madness to consider dividing the nation. Humanity experienced the Inquisition; the crusades; the holy wars; the holocaust; genocide-mass-murder and cold wars-world wars. Those are extreme horrors, yet homophobic idiocy equates two people of same gender who love each other and want to marry to be paving the way for the Anti-Christ.    

 Men of quality and worth do not tell myths and lies or by deliberate strategy link homosexuality, which is not a crime to pedophilia which is a crime involving and adult and children/youth; involving building and breaking trust; involving secrecy, hiding and shame. Fact: Pedophilia is a perverted self-indulgent sexual desire for children and classified as criminal offense. It is felt by an adult and noted in all states as a crime. Fact: Homosexuality is sexual attraction to someone of the same sex.  Fact: Homosexuality is not a criminal offense. Fact: Homophobia is irrational.  Fear closes the mind: Hate poisons.

 Self-identity is more than a part of a person; it is the complete personality: Universally gays and lesbians are made to feel ashamed; made to feel that their feeling of attraction to their own gender is wrong.   Homosexuality is not a crime. It is atypical: it is not aberrant; it is not abhorrent.   

 A church represents the spiritual heart and the leadership represents its voice and the essence of spiritual values. The church should be a safe place, an asylum, but how can it be when the leaders use hurtful words and sits with others to plan and plot treacherous activities?  The parables denote acceptance, equality, harmony, freedom; inclusion and respect. Man is heir, not ruler so why hinder and oppose the spread of different thoughts and new social developments?

 Fear closes the mind: Hate poisons. Homophobia contributes to and promotes worldwide GLBTQIA deaths: The Christ withstood harassment, torment and persecution and today the same fanatical idiocy does the same to the GLBTQIA community. Homophobes breathe the same air as everyone else, bend down to put on their shoes and sit on a porcelain throne and use paper that comes on a roll; and one day each will stand at the entrance of the pearly gates: what defense will be strong enough for ‘St. Peter’ to overlook their illogical-intentional; obsessive and deadly persecution of the GLBTQIA community? 

The right to freedom of expression and speech must never be repressed but the legality regarding illogical hate speech must be continually addressed. Human rights are inherent to all human beings, and must carry the day because homophobic disapproval is no excuse harm, harass or humiliate anyone – for their sexuality.   

To marry is to join. Marriage is a revered ceremony dreamed of by many GLBTQIA people. Their desire to marry should never have been a matter of worldwide discussion or national debate.  All of us came naked from a place of darkness and silence to share time together in the universe and each of us will leave behind memories on the hearts of others and footprints on the sands of time.   

Rachel Wolff